Today my commitment to myself is to.. do nothing

Today I am going to do absolutely nothing. I am going to waste my time watching hilariously bad tv, drink coffee, resist the urge to clean the house, maybe look up some useless information on google, put my feet up, pretend I am a glamorous rock star on vacation. I am going to swan around the apartment and talk to myself. I might even pick up the guitar and sing a song to a pretend audience. I am not going to cook dinner, I am just going to sit and wait for my husband to come home and announce gloriously that it's "fend for yourself".

It's going to be really hard to achieve, I can already feel my fingers itching to clean and tidy, and my brain is already starting to berate me for being lazy, and my inner voice is going crazy with blame and guilt.... but this is my commitment to myself for today. I deserve it. :) Love and light everyone! Hope you can identify :P

6 Replies

  • That's a great plan!

    Thank you for making me smile :-)

  • I so want to come and join you today! Tell the inner voice, politely of course, to piss off.

  • that sounds great. It is very calming to read. Sounds like a good day. I identify exactly.

  • It's actually really hard to do!!!!

  • can totally identify!

  • Oh fun. Great ideas. Hope you had a great time.

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