[OFF TOPIC] My Crash

[OFF TOPIC] My Crash

I managed to get my tracking company to send me the radar of my crash and when it happened. Just looking at it and the speed I was going at impact (67mph), it amazes me that I survived, let alone walked away and didn't even go hospital for a month... not a smart move I know.

I have had to crop out some details as it includes confidential information but from what I can show you can see, as I turn into the road, the first yellow marking is where I see the car swerve into my lane.. just after that, I slam my bike to the left but due to it being a 70mph road and both of us doing that speed, an impact was inevitable. Where the green marks are is where the impact happened at a combined speed of 114mph causing my bike and myself to get thrown to the left and it seeming my bike did a cartwheel as well... new feature for the spec list then, the bike can do acrobatics!

Somehow I came out uninjured and so did the bike (sort of!).

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  • Wow, I am glad the you are alright

  • Wow, that is scary. My husband had a motorcycle crash & wound up with permanent brain damage. I am so happy to see you came out of this o.k.

  • Im sorry to hear about your husband tyzack. Its a dangerous passion especially in cities. I hope he and yourself are doing well though? :)

  • This happened 43 years ago. He was wearing a helmet. Before we married. I had no idea. We got married 8 weeks after we met so I didn't have enough time to see the problems. He stopped seeing a neurologist years ago & the personality changes he cycles thru are abusive & keep stirring up my PTSD. As soon as he gets thru this current cycle I'm going to get him set up with a neurologist for an MRI & then hopefully he will be willing to work with a neuropsychologist to deal with the personality changes. He did try a psychiatrist who misdiagnosed him & put him on meds that made things extremely worse. He is able to work & does well financially. We work together for the same company so I have to fix his mistakes & hide them from the boss. The every 4 month craziness (which he doesn't remember) & the getting caught between him & the boss have worn me down. Honestly there are days I simply can't take anymore. But, I'm hoping that when he is willing to see the doctor that will help him & ease up the tremendous strain on me. Thanks for your concern. I feel very alone in this. Hoping the future will be better.

  • I am very sorry to read this news, tyzack.

    But I can understand that things get very tough at times and we can't do this alone.

    Sending you my support.


  • Thanks Natalie. I haven't talked to you in ages! My PTSD recovery from the crime went well, I was happy & symptoms were at a minimum. Haven't really been on the forum much for a long time. This last year the situation with my husband has been very bad. Every time I'm almost free of symptoms, the stress from the situation with him pulls me back down. I don't know if I can ever be completely symptom free for good as long as I keep getting pulled back down. Actively working toward a resolution. Hope it works. Hope all is well with you.

    Take Care


  • I am so glad to hear from you but sorry to hear things have been so difficult.

    The fact that you recovered from symptoms at one point means that you have the potential to do it and will be able to make it again.

    It is just harder after not having to deal with them for a while.

    I have made some huge changes and steps towards recovery. I am travelling at the moment and following a very intensive and challenging course, fighting as hard as I can for a better future.

    I know what you mean about situations weighing you down and making it very hard to be symptom free, so I really feel for you... I went through this myself.

    Taking steps towards resolution is giving hope that you will have peace of mind again...I really hope all is going to be well...

  • That was a really tough read tyzack.

    I echo what Nathalie99 says.

    I really do hope he is willing to see his doctor.

    You are not alone, we are all here for you.

  • Thank you

  • Very scary theinjuredbiker. I can see why this has triggered PTSD. Is your therapy going ok?? ( if I recall, last time we spoke you were being assessed for therapy).

  • Hello Ellen6, I hope you're well. Yes I have been told to have CBT but they want to wait until I have had a couple investigations done for my possible stomach injury caused by the crash.

  • Hi, that is great you are sort of on the list for therapy. I hope your stomach injury isn't too serious.

    I'm wellish thanks. It is a major struggle .... 🐢🐢 slow but I can't expect a lot else!

    💐 🌷

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