There's "Snow" Place Like Home

There's "Snow" Place Like Home

It started snowing here today and by four o'clock I decided to go home early from work…good thing too, as the closer I got to my little town the worse the roads became…visibility was limited and I could not even see my driveway/dirt road leading up to my cabin….I have yet to tire of driving up our driveway at 5mph…always hoping to see a deer dart out of the woods or run across the front of my car….maybe a possum could be climbing a tree or foraging for food….eventually I make it round to the menagerie of animals waiting for me…ducks, hens, goats and dogs...but today, it was the snow everywhere…it just calms me….I don't know why being here calms me so, but it does….there's snow place like home…:)

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  • Nice. Snow calms me as well. The snowy weather forces people to slow down. We got snow today in Georgia. It did not stay but they are saying more snow tonight and tomorrow. I hope I get a snow day off tomorrow to enjoy it.

  • Me too! Saturday it was 61 here ! lol…

  • It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Glad you made it home ok. Did you bring home dinner. ;) I am hungry.

  • LOL….if you like pimento cheese, yogurt, peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies and diet dr pepper…come on over :)

  • It's wonderful to have a special place to decompress! :)

    Thanks for sharing your special place with us,


  • It is wonderful that you have such a beautiful place to come home you. Lucky you! 😊

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