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Coconut oil

Coconut oil

As I haven't been able to eat wheat, barley, oats and rye since developing coeliac disease I have been exploring other types of nutrition. This is not just to vary my diet but to try and give me a healthy boost and try and stay on the path of feeling well and reasonably satisfied and nourished. Some of the most marvellous things I have read has been to do with the properties and values of coconut in every type and form from coconut sugar all the way through to coconut oil.

I was therefore impressed to find that there appears to be a properties contained within coconut oil that reduces bad cholesterol and also acts as a preventative and possible reversal of some ot the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Here is a link to a news item contained on the CBN channel:

It's wonderful to think that coconut in any of its forms is something that is safe for coeliacs!!

Here are the list of vitamins and minerals that coconut contains so it is like having a natural multi vitamin and mineral tablet - well worth adding to your daily diet ..

• Folate

• Vitamin K

• Pantothenic Acid

• Vitamin B1 (this is also called thiamine)

• Vitamin B2 (this is also called riboflavin)

• Niacin

• Vitamin B6 -

• Vitamin C

• Vitamin E

• Magnesium

• Iron

• Potassium

• Selenium

• Zinc

• Copper

• Phosphorus

• Calcium

• Sodium

• Manganese

• Coconut contains many other vitamins and minerals in tiny amounts as well as micro nutrients.

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Hi Lynxcat,

Thanks for this interesting post.

In fact it was from one of your links that I found a recipe for GF brownies using coconut oil. I've made them twice now and they're yummy!

I also did a bit of net searching and found that people are using coconut oil on their hair and using it as a moisturiser, hand cream etc etc. I have used it on my dry hands and lips and I must say it does make them supple.

All in all it seems that coconut oil is a great all rounder!

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i love the stuff - it's supposed to be anti fungal too. I take a teaspoon dissolved in warm water when i'm getting fungal skin problems and feel bloated and it seems to reduce my cramping symptoms. Apparently having coeliac means that you are very likely to suffer from candida too and i think a lot of my extra symptoms can be from candida getting out of control so i'm taking coconut oil to combat it and it seems to be really helping so far. I used it on my dry itchy skin and it helps . I think it's a bit of a wee miracle thing and the fact it contains so much nutrition is good for us with malfunctioning and damaged guts. we won't be absorbing the optimum nutrients from our diets. so anything that calms our gut inflammation down and is easily absorbed like coconut oil will be beneficial in many ways.

Yay to coconut oil!!!

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I use it for all my roasting, I also substitute it for vegetable oil when I make a loaf of gf bread, gives it a subtle coconut flavour.


Well, I bought some to try it and my daughter insists that although mine is organic it is not as nice as the one that she has found which has a more uniform consistency. So having compared the two (mine was Pukka .. hers was Biona) I thought I'd add the link here for those who may be interested. It is an extra super large pot ..


I found this too; one brand was smooth and creamy and one was lumpy. When cooking with it it doesn't matter, but I also use it clean my face (modified version of the oil cleansing method) and the lumpy texture makes it awkward.


Coconut oil can be a good addition to your diet, but there is no definite evidence that it can prevent or reverse Alzheimers.


I have mentioned 'coconut oil' to one or two people and have been asked whether I had ever heard of a website that has recipes that are gluten free and show many that use coconut products? Here is the site that they were talking about and I thought that some of you may find it useful too!!


I think i will buy some of this .I will have a teaspoonfull daily.

I didn't know coconut oil had all these good things in it.

Holland and Barrat will probably have it.



Coconut products may not suit people with malabsorption symptoms or similarly those who react to fructose. As I'm one of these I looked online and noticed this:


Hi Jacks, I have seen reports of a few having problems with the coconut milk but as yet cannot find anything suggesting anyone with coeliac disease having problems with the coconut oil, so long as it is pure and preferably organic and processed without the aid of chemicals.

Here is what Livestrong suggest about it and coeliac disease:


It's amazing on the skin. I started using it to remove my make-up when I developed a sensitive stress rash; I haven't used anything else since. My skin is more dewy, my acne has got better, my pores appear smaller and the lines under my eyes have decreased dramatically.


Yet more information about coconut oil. This link was emailed to me by a friend who is interested in natural ways to improve health:


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