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Coconut and coconut oil issues

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Just wondering if anyone else has found that coconut oil kicks off their problems? It's crazy but I found out a couple of years ago that coconut in any way shape or form made me unwell but didn't expect the same with coconut oil. Sadly, for me, they have added it to a huge range of gluten and dairy free foods. I realise I may be alone in this, it doesn't fit the bill of foods to avoid. Just another one on the list!

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I'm new to this site, I think that the extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil has been good for me and others in my family have been seeing good benefits from it. I put this unrefined coconut oil bought from Trader Joe's in my coffee now and then, and I think it helps me feel a bit better. I know that I have issues with thyroid functioning and some other medical problems that I've been trying my best to take care of with better nutrition and even though it is hard to be fully diagnosed with a gluten problem, I believe in my heart I have gluten sensitivy because I have hard time after not being careful of what I eat and my digestion gets halted, pain increases and flare up of fibromyalgia get bad really bad. Then I go on a clean diet and try to help reduce the inflammation my body experiences - tried apple cider vinegar and green tea, lemon water and some fasting to help start the process faster to clean my system of the inflammation. The inflammation does seem to be a real problem if not eating clean. I just bought some gluten free goodies to have on hand in case I need to snack, so that I will see if that helps... and avoid other goodies and snacks that have gluten in them. It is really hard finding out that your body can't tolerate foods you thought your body was ok with and then suddenly having problems with eating most of it all. The certain coconut oil that is unrefined and cold pressed organic -- I've read helps thyroid function better

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I am pleased that you are finding it helpful. I think I'm in the minority who can't tolerate it. As regards gluten in your case, if it makes you ill then you are intolerant of it, regardless of the 'name' given to that. It's hard in the beginning to completely avoid triggers but it does get easier as you become more aware of hidden ingredients in manufactured foods. Just watch out for 'New improved recipe'. What has changed? It rings alarm bells in me! It helps to keep a small magnifying glass in your pocket so that you can see the small print on packaging and cans...the size shrinks as more information is added! Take care and stay safe.

Also, try A2 milk, I switched to this type of milk from A2 cows.. I feel less bloated, and can tolerate A2 milk. I used to buy organic 2 percent but, even that started to affect me, so ever since I bought the A2 milk, its been good

😞 knip - that’s really unfair for you. It does seem we have long lists !!!

I can’t say the same - sorry. I do use coconut oil on my hair and body. Never in food. But sesame oil, olive oil I can’t abide. When my mum used to cook chips in the deep fat fryer with vegetable oil, I’d have to go upstairs as the smell made me feel rather queasy.

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Fatty foods make me feel queasy too! Oh the woes and maladies of dietary issues. Eating at home is mostly OK for me because I am never, ever, tempted to cheat even a little bit...but I just hate with a capital H eating in friends' homes. I try to avoid that at the risk of being deemed antisocial, which I most definitely am not! Keep smiling. This site is so good at allowing us to share our woes and have a chuckle at the same time! 😀

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Being silly about what we can eat - gluten free vegan brownies - compost

Hi 👋 .

Yes there seems to be a list for most people intolerant of gluten or allergic. 😠🧐🤗

Gluten free products can have other ingredients that aren’t personally suitable. It gets annoying reading labels lol. Especially soya too.

If you figured coconut in any form a culprit, you’re likely very sensitive to it. possibly hypersensitive (allergic) - it’s not unheard of just not one of the top allergies.

Personally I like coconut and virgin coconut oil but react digestively if have too much in one go. I read it’s either FODMAPs in coconut, or the oil can upset - have to build up slowly a small amount like a tsp to a tbsp etc. to tolerate in some people. I tried mct oil and find that really helps with energy and brain fog. But too much leads to digestive issues.

Hope you can find alternatives without coconut for you.


Off topic slightly but regarding coconut oil. may be of interest to others.

There’s a book called ‘the coconut oil and low carb solution for Alzheimer’s’ by Mary Newport who helped her husband with dementia get his life back for a couple years using coconut oil. Sounds too good to be true. But it worked because the brain uses ketones (from the high mct in coconut oil) for fuel.

Dementia linked to insulin resistance in the brain - cannot use glucose sugar well. Ketones (from fat) provide fuel to brain cells.

A New Zealand research team just published (2021) a second study on successfully benefitting Alzheimer’s patients with a ketogenic diet too.

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Knip in reply to Researchfan

Thanks for the above. It's really helpful. I have Chron's Disease and several more auto immune problems...even with apple, the minutest amount of malic acid affects me severely as with any hint of coconut from any source. It was particularly interesting to read about the link between ketones and Alzheimer's Disease. The latter is such a distressing illness for the person concerned and for the whole family, so it is great that it is being researched in all areas to see what will help.

Coconut milk is apparently a laxative. Coconut aminos generally are high is histamine so not good if your issue is underpinned by histamine intolerance. When foods are processed and fermented, it raises the histamine. I use raw organic coconut oil and seems ok for me. This is the downside of coeliac that no one really treats or appreciates in mainstream medicine - it seems to mess up gut bacteria and the enzymes to point that many things react/cause issue. I know of others who can't tolerate palm oil. Shame you are also dairy free (as am I) as butter is good thing to bake with and use generally.

Benjamin123, You have so much knowledge to impart. Thanks again. I’m always impressed by your posts.

Thank you. I've too much time of my hands for consulting with Dr Google!

Yes I'm intolerant to coconut oil and like you say it's in so many things....I used to have sachet cappuccinos twice a day until I realised they had it in 😡

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Knip in reply to Kazzacrazy

Such disappointment knows no bounds! Keep smiling it's so good for us, body mind and soul. 🙂

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