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Does anyone feel that amitryptiline helps


I have been to see a different G.P. this morning, he listened to me ...asked my opinion and prescribed amitriptyline and has made me an appt for go for some blood tests. What a difference to my previous G.P., this one talked about vitamin d deficiencies among other things and told me not to give up hope he said "together we will find a way to get you some relief". I feel better mentally from having had a 20 min chat with this man......than i have for months and months. I would urge anyone who isnt happy with what their G.P. is saying/doing to see a different dr....xx

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So glad you went to a different GP .. A good GP will always make you feel better. On a negative amatriptaline. Wasnt good for me but most things aren't .. Lots of people on here do take it ... And if it doesn't agree with you .. See the same Gp again and there are lots to try I found one on my 4th attempt

So nice to hear you feeling more positive

VG xx

grandmakim in reply to Hidden

Thankyou Grumpy. Dr asked me to give it 5 days to see how I feel on it. Tramadol and me didnt get on very well at all. Co-Codamol 30/500 and I seem to be getting along okay but not really giving much relief. Dr explained today, getting the correct meds is a lot of trial and error so I shall give it a bash.



Yup it is trial and error fortunately meds have moved on so much there's more choice now so if ever you know something is making you feel not right ... Just go back .. Am so pleased you found a GP you like that's a great part of the battle :)

VG x



I am with Grumpy, initially the amitriptyline really helped with my sleep but as with many drugs, you can build up a tolerance to them and as I had to increase the dose so I increased the unpleasant side-effects, so much so the side-effects outweighed the benefits. I had to wean myself off of it slowly and then changed to melatonin to help me sleep.

Like Grumpy says it is a case of what suits you. Amitriptyline is a old-fashioned anti-depressant but it does seem to help with nerve pain and sleep problems and so is often prescribed for fibro. It is a case of finding out what suits you and so is trial and error I'm afraid. Hope you get on with it okay.

I take 30mg of amatryptiline twice a day and it makes me feel spaced out and not able to do much, saying that i do feel i get some relief although i does not last long its some pain relief i also take 600mg of gabapentin which i really dont think does anything but stops pain in my thighs for a short time it takes your body time to get use to it so give it a try, the one side affect apart from being spaced out is i get a really dry mouth i hope it gives you some sort of pain relief god knows we could all use it .

Amitriptylline is good stuff for some people, but as said, if it doesn't suit you, there's plenty more to try.

I didn't get on with it, but dosulepin, a very similar drug, suits me very well, and I don't know what I'd do without it

Moffy x

I have managed to wean myself from Amit 75mg down to 25mg over the years (& never been checked by GP). However I still have migraines (even though it does help my sleep) & so am going to discuss this with my drug dealer (GP!) next week & try & change it to Toperamil (as heard side effects are not so pronounced)!

Tramadol and amitriptylene work for me.

Sounds like you have found a great GP. I see my new GP on Wednesday and just hope she is fibrofriendly.

grandmakim in reply to jillylin

what is ur new GP like Jilly, hope she was understanding. x

jillylin in reply to grandmakim


she was okish. I did ask her if she thought FMS was real or did she consider it a dustbin diagnosis. Her reply was that she believes it when people tell her they are in pain.Then she asked why I had asked her that. So really I still am not sure to be honest.



Hi, I take Amitriptyline 50mg at night to help with pain and sleep. I haven't had any problems with it luckily. X

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