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How does fibro feel


I get asked a lot, what does fibro feel like, and for years I told people that ask, it's like running a marathon up a mountain with flu! I don't think many believe me as I can talk, walk, laugh & work, but they are on the good days, they don't see me on the REALLY bad days when it even hurts my finger nail to touch anything or walk a few steps because my feel feel like I've just ran a marathon on hot coals, well that's what I imagine it to be like.

I wish there was more info for everybody to see & everyone with or without it know without having to ask, there are awareness days once a year but no info with it, I wish there was more research to find a cure, but until then I will keep trying to plod on. I bet there or so many of us out there who want to shout this out to everyone but don't because they don't know how or where to do this, I'm one of them.

Soft & gentle hugs to everyone in the same battle.xx

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Two answers there

Like I have been in a ring with world. Heavy weight boxer and have toothache all over and that's only a small bit of it

They will normally say you don't look sick my answer to that is

And you don't look stupid

I no longer have patience with them P

I like the comparison with running a marathon up a mountain - with added flu' - that's a good one!

I have mixed feelings about 'awareness'. There are lots of illnesses out there - why do people need to be particularly aware of who has what ? So long as your nearest and dearest know how you are, that's all that matters.

The rest of them may need to know that you're unwell, but that's all - it's not their business what's wrong or what your symptoms are. I prefer to retain an air of mystery. :)

When I need help, I ask for it, and people are usually very pleased and happy to do anything for me. What they aren't pleased about - unless they specifically ask - is getting a long list of symptoms and descriptions of what pain I suffer. I know that this will be met with a sort of glazed look and they will want to move away!

Basically, the illness of others is extremely boring, but being asked to help makes people feel all warm and glowing inside, and improves their own self-esteem. So - ask away, charmingly of course, and keep shtum about all else!

Moffy x

Walnutwhip2 in reply to ladymoth

Hi Moffy, lol I can see where your coming from, I get it is nobody's business but close family, but I get so sick of giving the same answer.

I also agree illnesses are EXTREMELY boring, but if you knew someone with an illness you'd never heard of you would want to know what they need help with in what way, I ask people but first I look it up.

I also like the mysteriousness, but when I have to keep telling family or friend even nosy work mates why I can't do something I get embarrassed, It makes me feel a wimp. We know we're not.x

Love the name fadedblossom just how I feel!

It's not only toothache all over but feels deep in the bones!xx

Yes, Walnutwhip, you've hit the nail on the head - it's embarrassing!

I suppose with experience it gets better, but I've taken to inventing fancy names for my fibro, just to shut people up. Names like Fulminating Gratinosis tend to be quite effective, tho' they usually ask if it's contagious!

Mostly, if people ask, I say that I have arthritis. I have that as well, but most folks know about arthritis and realise that it's painful and disabling, end of.

I get that fibro is an invisible illness, but I often give thanks for that. It's bad enough to have a painful and destructive condition without having to look awful as well.

I had a gastric ulcer recently, lost a lot of weight and looked pretty grim. I'm over that now, but I got cheesed off with people saying how ill I looked - it was most depressing!

Bring on the Touche Eclat, I say - if you have to be ill, then be extremely glamorous with it :)

Moffy x

My fibro leaves me feeling as if I have been hit and then reversed over by a truck! I do love what Moffy says about bringing on the Touche Eclat and being glamourous!! Totally agree!!!

This is what I say as well! My mum always giggles and reminds me that I have never been ran over by a truck so how would I know what it feels like? Haha :-) x


When I have a flare up and they say, "oh and you look so well!!" I say it's not my face that's the problem!!!!

Moffy, I need you around more, your funny lol. I think I may even join in to those that KEEP asking what's wrong by making a name up but telling them it is catching.

I need a bath in Touché Éclat!

I'm always glad to provide a chuckle. whippy, If I stop laughing it hurts! :D

Moffy x

Moffy, absolutely classic. I tend to not stop laughing either,I'm going to be in pain whether I laugh or cry and I'd rather not cry. Fulminating Gratinosis,I'm laying here covered in heat wraps with my ever present headache throbbing away in the background and not really feeling much like a chuckle and then I read that!! I will definitely be using that one and I will add that it is highly contagious,often fatal and is airborne,then have a coughing fit. Thanks for reminding me that even on a day like today it's still possible to laugh.

At least fibro can't take away our sense of humour! Thank goodness for that!

I'm off now to cough all over a colleague who always says " but you look well"!!!............

Lol we all at least can still laugh, Moffy this week is all yours lol.

Thank you all for your comments, please keep them coming, I'm having the best giggle ever. Carry on laughing lol xx

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