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40,188 members52,295 posts g.p appoint i went to my g.p today went through stuff with him,told him i don't want to continue living like this ,he was really nice to me,explained about dwp and he said he would be happy to write a letter on my behalf if i take down to the surgery who he needs to be writing to , in hindsight it may be better if he could give me the letter,but he seems to want me to take a addresss and person to write to down to him,either way he will support me , ( not quite sure whether he needs to send it to the original decision maker who acted apparently on the "medical health proffessionals" advice(is that atos???) i personally think it should be addressed to the original decision maker,because there is no point writing to atos as it has gone past that

the g.p did say that he believes i am too ill to work ,and he is willing to back that but he can't force them to change the decision but is willing to be my advocate, and after next week when i have been to manchester to have a injection for my pne problem we will confer and see what can be done to make me feel less depressed etc. and pain control..he said also as i am now weaned off the pregabilin that is also still giving me mild withdraw effects as it acts on the nervous system and is a horrible med to come off,he said that all my feeling of hopelessness and despair etc...however wasn't all to do with the withdrawal(i wish i had never tried pregab for the pne pain but i did), he said that can even at coming off a low dose still attribute to a bit of my problem but was in no way the whole to go via the rheumotologists recommendations thurs for a pelvic x ray and a left should x ray to see if there are also other factors to consider, he agreed with me(unlike the other lousy g.p) that it is not possible to suffer chronic pain all over all day and not be depressed,apparently not many people with chronic pain do cartwheels with joy everyday!! so i am not alone on that score... so in the back of my mind now i don't feel completely helpless and like my boyfriend says wit the dwp we won't give up ,as that is not a option ,not til we have exhausted every avenue ... off for a lie down as am totally shattered,but i thought i would let all you lovely people supporting me and have given me guidance what point i am up to...

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That sounds great. I'm really glad you've got a good GP.

You should be able to ask your GP to send you a copy of whatever they send to the DWP.

Have you got the Benefits & Work Guides?


hey hun, I'm so pleased to read that you have the support of your G.P and it sounds like with his help you'll soon be feeling brighter. Good luck with it all and keep the chin up xx


I am so pleased that your GP was understanding and supportive EJ. Let's hope that things continue to get better for you now that he is on your side. Thanks for keeping us posted, as you know we have all been very worried for you! Jane x


Things should be more hopeful with your GP on side. good luck!

Can't write twice so look at my blog if you can


Hia EJ really pleased like everyone your DR is supportive that is good news and hope DWp goes ok too, its stress its self going through all that too ascwell as suffering.

My thoughts and wishes with you sending Fairy hugs as we going through paper wrk and its exhausting when not feeling up to it .

Lots of love xxxxx cazzie


glad to hear you have a supportive GP.

over the years I have seen many but my current one is now semi retired but I don't want him to leave as he is the best GP I have ever had for listening. I'm sure he thinks I'm a pain although he has said not. I have given him a lot of work this year as before or after appts I have given him letters about how I feel etc and copies of those I have given to other health care professions that he may not have been sent copies of, so he's had a lot of bed time reading to do, but I think it's helped him and me.

it's always nice to hear when there are other supportive ones around as I have met many who were rude and even didn't believe anything I told them. if I have changed Gps because of moving house I ave given then a brief outline of my medical history, operations etc, I do expect them to believe me, but have had many who haven't, ad I just don't know why!

hope things start to improve for you xxx


i thought i had agood DR until 6 months ago and its like he believes me less now than before despite things getting worse.i too have given him letter sabout how i am and how fibro etc affects it is to no avail, i too have sen drs who were rude and not istening,.one so called DR didnt give me chance to speak saying "its all in your mind.wqlked out in tears and complained about his unprofessional attitude.rhemato;ogist told me to lose weight .i said i ahd recently but any weight gain is cos of abdomen a soplid mass /cyst which noone will believe i have and they wont give any wxplanation as to what it is.i believe they are too frightened to admit they are wrong .ihad scans in january which were said to be normal but symptons started around april -june and he wont accept thiem, saying i had scans .even tho i told him taht things began in june after the scans he refused to do anohter or refe rme to a guynae./dont know how long i can go on for.its only my dogs that keep me going as i ahve to be ther efor lipomas and pain have sprea dfrom abdomen to groin and uppe rchest to back


EJ that is good news! Well done! Making good progress at sorting things out to make things easier for you. Your partner sounds like a dream, bless him. You aren't alone, you have him beside you all the way and we all care about you here too! :)

Your GP sounds wonderful too! Keep positive and forging ahead with the supportive of your lovely partner and GP, it will all sort out.

We're with you 100%! (((hug))) xxx


So touched by your story.. Know that feeling. It will pass..xx


My dearest EJ

I am so glad you have been back to see your GP. Sounds like a very understanding GP to me. We need moore of those. My GP is fab, and it goes along way in my book. I hope you come through this smiling xxxxx


Well done EJ, im proud of you :) xx


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