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Does anyone have acupuncture?

I have recently had 6 months of acupuncture in my lower back ( where I was suffering with the most pain at the time) this would give me about 2 days a week relief after I had been going for several weeks. Now my neurologist has referred me to a different acupuncturist who will focus on all the Fibro points... Well I've been to him 3 times and 2 of which have left me feeling dreadfully nauseus and he's has only put the needles in my lower legs and hands... My pain is no better ( except maybe my knees are a little easier) and I know the pain clinic specialist said I have to feed back after 4 sessions and if no good then can't have anymore :-(

Also - does anyone suffer with horrendous itchies?? Not acupuncture related.

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Hi Kirsty,

I had months of acupuncture also with the same result as you - about 2 days ease of symptoms. There have been a couple of times when she focussed on my cervical spine (lots of DDD there and had two discs replaced with implants two years ago) and that left me in agony the rest of the afternoon and then groggy and nauseus the next couple of days. I think I got the best response when she focussed on the calming and general areas.

I get the maddening itches also - my thinking is that its my nerve endings prickling and would be interested to hear others thoughts on that also! I used to think it was medication, especially NSAIDS, but that pattern was unreliable.

Good luck with your new acupuncturist on your last appt!

Take care



PS acupuncture lowers your blood sugar so try and make sure you eat something and hydrate before your appt...preferably a couple of hours before. :)


yes n yes ive had accupuncture n got some relief for about a week n im itchie all over espessially my scalp .soft hugs XX


Hey Kirsty, gentle hugs,

I've never had Acupuncture - I was not offered it - But I itch like heck all over and I have an itchy scalp too - and I do not have dandruff - It drives me insane!


Carol xx


Hi yes I have had acupuncture but only felt less pain for about 2 days like you. I stoped going as it was to expencive. I also itch sometimes more than others. soft hugs xx


i spent a long time with a lovely man when i first had fibro he had learnt properly in china(he was a english man) he was treating me for next to nothing financially as he knew i was unable to work,he thinks the reason it wasn't working really for me was because he said being on medications actually clog and slow down your liver,so unless i came off the meds(amitriptiline200mg and 120 gabepentin at that time) he felt it wouldn't work


Why did your specialist change your acupuncturist? It could have been a question of cost, but if not then have you asked to be changed back? I am not an acupuncturist I should first of all say but have had many years worth of treatment some of it probably by the best acupuncturist ever to work in the UK. There are 2 types of acupuncture performed in the UK, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and 5 elements acupuncture which is a lot quicker to learn, more easy to equate to western medicine and in my opinion vastly inferior.

Many NHS clinics offering acupuncture offer 5 elements but will employ Traditionally trained therapists who have done (for them) a very easy conversion course. Also I believe that anybody can do the training but like anything else, that doesn't make them any good at it. 5 element trained acupuncturists can be good too if they have what it takes.

My experience of acupuncture for low back pain is that thing of a couple of days of relief at first, then overtime, the periods of relief get longer and the pain stays away for months. I was lucky enough to have it 3 times a week for a couple of years as it was a very socially responsible clinic i.e. cheap or even free. Don't know where you live but a lot of cities and bigger towns have them. Warning, there are communal treatment areas, but usually set up with screens but in one big room. It makes it possible to keep the cost down. Might be worth checking it out if you really benefitted from the first course.

Re the itches. I have a back scratcher in my lap as I type, one in the car, one by my bed, one round at my dads. I itch everywhere but it's only the back I can't reach. I got some relief from using chamomille oil in the bath (with geranium as chamomile oil smells about how you'd image i.e. condensed chamomile tea, yuck!) but only have a shower in this flat and nothing I try compares to soaking in the bath for twenty minutes. I don't have dry skin - if you find out any more re this and fibro, let me know.

Whippet x


Currently trying acupuncture, I don't think I find it helpful for usual fibro pains but if a muscle is particularly painful then I do. And yes I am always always always itchy. right now its my hip and lower back. But my arm never bends right to scratch.


i had it befor i was diagnosed with FM and made my simptoms worse. i was told when i was told i had FM that the FM can react to acupuncture like it can with medication that you could tolerate befor xx


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