Finally a G.P. that listens....and it only took 14 months!

After 14 months since my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, I have finally found a G.P. who listens to me. For the last 12 months I have had increasing weakness in my limbs. I have had difficulty walking up any gradient or up stairs, etc. I found myself 3 months ago having difficulty walking at all, numbness, difficulty going to the toilet (1's & 2's) and pins and needles. The doctor referred me to a neurology after a thorough examination. I never had such an examination from the other doctor; he told me my new symptoms were a flare up of fibromyalgia at least 5 times on separate visits. I got my Neurology appointment last Friday for 26th November! I wasn't happy to wait that long as my job, my life, is at stake. I wrote to my doctor and he asked to see me today. He examined me again before phoning the hospital. I now have a neurology appointment tomorrow!!!! It just goes to show you don't get anything if you don't ask:-) Hugs xxxxxx

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  • Hiya mikeymoo, how refreshing to hear you have a dr that listens to you, hope your appointment 2mora goes well and you get some answers. I recently changed gp after my old dr told me there was nothing else she could do for me- basically just left me to get on with it. Ive had fibro for many years and it makes you feel tired of doors closing in your face, the worst part is when people dont believe the pain your in because we look 'normal'. Good luck tommorrow though- hope things go well for you

  • Good for you, hope everything goes well.

    regards, sandra.

  • It is marvelous but what do we have to go through before someone ACTS . Good luck hope it is helpful. Best wishes x gins

  • good luck huni x

  • Hi Mickymoo hope all went wlell. Sithy

  • Hi everyone, thanks for your lovely messages. I saw the neurology consultant today, or rather one of his underlings!lol. I have no answers yet but I have been booked in for an MRI scan to look at my nervous system in detail. So I am waiting again but at least my doctor got the ball rolling a bit sooner. Hugs xxxxxx

  • That's good news Mikey! At least you are in the "system" and the ball is rolling so to speak.

    All the best for your MRI scan, hope it all goes well for you, please let us know how you get on. Take care in the mean time. :)

  • Dear LibertyZ,

    Thanks for this, I feel like I am finally getting some recognition for this debilitating illness. I have even found work much more positive now as people have finally realised I have a disability. I can now look for alternative, more suitable work within the same organisation. I have had a real breakthrough just in the last few weeks and I feel so much more positive:-) Best regards.xxxxxx

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