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DLA tribunal

I've just got the date for my tribunal,it's really quick,I wasn't expecting to even know when the date for the tribunal was for weeks yet.It's on 8th may.

Of course my printer has decided to play up just as I needed to copy various letters and print out my 5 pages of additional evidence!

Because I won't be able to go (as I would have to park my scooter and walk to a room which I'n not sure I could do,even with my crutches) I've been advised to write a covering letter explaining why I can't go . went into great detail especially about the poor access to the room!! it just shows that nobody actually reads the information you send in because they would know the access problems and would have made an accessible room available Grrrrrr! When I've printed and copied everything I'm sending a covering letter and 5 pages of additional evidence plus copies of my appointment cards and letters.I will think the system has no hope if I still get no DLA after this as it's the 3rd no!

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good luck the government say they are only out to get scroungers not genuine people thats a joke its genuine people who are suffering most and stress makes us worse


Best of luck Amanda, I really hope it goes well for you.

Em x


Good luck Amanda,keep well and keep your spirits up xx


Try 0800 043 1781 they offer advise free of charge over the phone and are specialists in Tribunals



Thanks everyone,Liam,the site looks good.I may have to use it if I get a no at the tribunal.


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