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I should have gone for my dla tribunal last month but I have a rep now and he wanted to put in a submission to them ,which they messed him about with so he had to put a complaint into the tribunal service. I have now got my new date of 2/9/2013 and all I want now is to get it over and done with. Whilst I have been waiting for my date I have been seeing a new doctor who can given me Gabapentin 300mg per day should I let the tribunal service know about these new meds or not. I am not sure if it allowed to show them new meds any advice please. gentle hugs x

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  • hi I would pet..i would show them every thing! keep us posted...whos helping you? x

  • I won my appeal on 30th august still not got my back pay how long does it take

  • fantastic!! I got mine in about 2 weeks,no messing just arrived in my account followed by a letter..so pleased for you...did you get what you wanted? xx

  • I got both components at low rate bk dated to 29th oct 2012 they owe me 1865 still not been paid yet what did u get

  • hi I got High rate both components backdated three months

  • That's great suppose it diffrent in other areas

  • well this last claim went on for three years!! three appeals and two tribunals ..one complaint and one official apology!! so I put in a re-view of circumstances and got help from a great man,and won with out any fuss,so only got backpay for the three months but I wasn't bothered..i got what I was entitled to in the end..xx

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