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Tribunal decision

I received my DLA tribunal decision today and after all the additional evidence I put in I got a big fat no!! Who on earth IS this benefit for? it certainly doesn't seem it's for Disabled peeps as no one can get it!

now I've had to write to ask for a written statement of reasons from the Tribunal Judge,you'd think they'd do that anyway! Next it's second tier Tribunal and I think I might get a solicitor involved for that!

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I get it but only low rate care .. No matter how much info I send to back re my increased disability it gets ignored so I just take my low rate care and use it the best I can to help me ...

Vg x


The wholes system is a farce! I might apply for PIP as the questionairre looks hopeful but who knows if they,ve moved the goal posts yet?! I only need a few extra pounds for taxis so I'm not housebound,with what they pay out for appeals,they could have paid me and 6 others!!!


Good luck with PIP if you only get lower rate DLA remember PIP doesn't do a low rate so you could end up with nothing...what ever you decide let us know

good luck

VG x


well I can't lose cause I get nothing now!


Definitely take it to the next level where you qualify for legal aid, as you say, you have nothing to lose.


I like you have sent off for statement of reasons after my humiliating appeal. My utter despair after being turned down soon turned to anger and my fighting spirit that I thought had been totally squashed soon returned along with anger. It seems they want to knock all the fight out of us so we just curl up and accept what they do to us x


I think that they didn't bother as I didn't attend even though I asked if this would happen and I was adamantly told no it wouldn't.


They must rule based on the law as it stands, I know it does not help your current situation to know that, but if they have not ruled correctly, once you have a solicitor fighting your corner, they have to toe the line. The whole point of this system is to put people off claiming what they are entitled to, that's why they do this. My guess is they will keep failing people until they can get legal aid to present their cases properly.


Don't forget Amanda, you will need the Record of proceedings from the hearing as well as the Statement of Reasons its important to have them all if considering appealing to the 2nd Tier

Good luck ...

Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My benefit Claim


Thanks Liam,they only told me about the statements of reasons,that was crafty!

It looks as if I would qualify for at least lower rate if the Dr didn't write the opposite that I had and also they seem to move the goal posts whenever they like meaning no one can get it! I thought I should be able to get something for not being able to make myself a meal but the Atos Dr said I could do this which I disputed and sent to the tribunal but it doesn't seem as if the read this!


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