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DLA Headache

I've been denied a higher rate of care and no mobility....I don't think I'm being to over expectant (if that's even a proper word).... I've worked all my life and due to illness haven't done so for nearly 3 years. I've attended so many tribunals I'm sick of it to be honest....I've got to write a letter with further evidence....I think it's just a wide up for a pre-cursor for another tribunal....I don't think I have the strength to go through it all again....especially so close to my "mini breakdown"....

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Hi RealTSM

I am so sorry to read of the ongoing nightmare that you are being forced to endure. I really hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this problem.

I was wondering if other people can represent you at these tribunals and speak on your behalf? I have never experienced anything like this, but if somebody else can? Then this may help you a great deal?

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi Ken, I have a 'benefits advisor' who works for my housing association but he doesn't seem to be very clued up really (not meaning to be rude)!! He keeps asking me what I want to do and how I want to do it. The previous advisor I had from my borough's 'welfare rights officer' was absolutely horrible to me so I will be avoiding her for good. I just feel so alone in all's making me feel depressed again....which I need to avoid but I know I have to at least try to do this on my own or at least look for another advisor I guess.

Ken, you seem to be such a lovely guy and I value your input.

Warm hugs.

T x


Hi RealTSM,

I hope you're not too bad today.

It sounds like you've really fought hard so far. Well done. I was just wondering if you've had any support going through this process? My ex colleague has been through something similar and is currently going through yet another tribunal!

Is it just me or are they being much more punitive with Fibro sufferers lately? It may be that at some point we may need to look at 'grading of Fibro' in the way they 'grade' MS -ie., if it's sustained, progressive or in remission.

Please do get some support - whether it's CAB or a knowledgeable friend. Don't give up - as they say, it's always darkest before the dawn! May I suggest that you really highlight how the various symptoms impact on your day to day existence and the side effects of your meds.

Wishing you all determination and success.

Stay Strong, Stay Positive.

Fight the Fibro!


Hi Reykua, your reply has actually made me feel quite emotional....not in a bad way but in a nice way. Such a sweet, thoughtful and informative way. I do, at present feel like giving up on the fighting to be heard but i have to keep reminding myself that if I don't continue I will not only be doing myself a disservice but also others. I believe the more of us that make those that decide on our 'worthiness' as knowledgeable as we can....if they are willing to have some empathy that is....and yes I strongly agree with the 'grading of fibro' as it is a debilitating condition which inflicts, not just on the individual but also on those around them. My life has changed drastically and my quality of life has drastically changed.

Thank you from the heart Reykua, warm hugs.

T x


Aahh... I felt really sad for you when reading your post..:'( There is help out there as the author said, problem is finding it!!! Do you have a c.a.b near? They can be a really good help at times like this! They have all the resources to put you in contact with other organizations!! I had to see my Dr with regards to my mental health recently and I'm waiting for an appointment with them!! It almost feels like an uphill battle with everything we have to go through to get what we're entitled to but........... WE ARE ENTITLED TO IT!! and I urge you to fight for it my friend! Easier said than done, I know!! I have really really bad days when I don't have the energy to speak let alone fight my corner but then I have good days when I have my STRONG head on and tell myself "Right!!! I'm going to do this" Don't lose the battle my friend, keep on fighting!! Much


Ninja, I hear you....I really do. I dread the fight ahead and I seriously don't know if my mental health can stand it....especially with my recent meltdown. When I finally get my 'Strong' on n concentrate on writing my letter and gathering the evidenceI will remember your words "I'm gonna do this" to the best of my ability and hopefully get someone in the know to read over it.

Bug hugs Ninja x x


I'm so sorry that your having such a terrible time..Like you i had a melt down last December and i was in a very dark place and thought i could'nt fight anymore but the truth is we do fight because that makes us the person we are, its ok to have bad time's because we know that when the cloud has gone your be you again and your think no-one is going to treat me like that....

I called me doctor 1st and she got me into see a Councillior i did'nt really think it would help but it gave me courage to have a rant about how badly people with depression & fibro are treated.

I then sent a email to my MP and he has really helped by contacted atos for me..

Please remember there must be someone hear that can help with your letter... please SHOUT out that you need help.

Lots of hugs to you xxx



My husband has recently left work because of my ill health and we have found Citizens Advice to be absolutely brilliant. We just walked in without an appointment the first time and after an initial assessment they gave us a proper appointment a couple of days later and told us what to bring in.

The lady was very thorough, the appointment lasted close on two hours and we feel really hopeful about the outcome. She filled in the forms online and told us about discounts on the council tax and other things that hadn't even occurred to us. The benefits system is a minefield and seems to be constantly changing, you need an advisor who is dealing with this all the time and is not fazed by it all.

You have nothing to lose by contacting them, and probably much to gain.

Good Luck!!


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