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Hi, hope everyone is as well as can be expected.......I have my dla tribunal coming up on the 25th of this month and i keep thinking is it worth it. When i went to my tribunal for esa i felt so degraded and this is making me feel the same. Can anyone tell me what to expect please, the thing is sometimes my days are better than others although never free from the pain, my doctor wont give me anything more until i see the next specialist, which could take a month of sundays and i really dont know what to expect.....your advice would be most appreciated please :D (forced smile lol)

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I've not got that far yet with my FM. Still working and struggling on. On 5 days off and enjoying pacing myself. Hope your tribunal goes well.



thankyou Martina, i hope it stays stable for you and you can continue to work...... X


I've been to tribunal, but it was many years ago so it's probably not the same now . I had a law centre solicitor who handled my case for me and attended with me . Not sure I could have done it without him.

It was basically a room with 3 people ( the panel ) in and it was all over in 2 minutes as my solicitor discovered that as I had been awarded SDA and not Incapacity Benefit I shouldn't even have been there ( at the time SDA was awarded only to those considered 85 % disabled for life ) .

The rules have changed now though so I'm fully expecting Mr Cameron to have fully cured me by next year when my SDA is up for review again !

That man is a magician :)



Hi Bobbin. You must go. Dont give in, this is what they want us to do so it saves this gov money. If you cant manage day to day tasks then you are entilted to it, it will help you try to live a (well as normal as fibro allows you to) life. So go. When they ask you questions just take a min to think about what they have said, if you dont understand them then say so. Take your time! Hope all goes well for you all the best Ann :) x


Thankyou Anne i will go and will let you all know the outcome, it is so off putting though my stomach is in knots already x


All the best Bobbin just go for it and remember everything everyone has said to you on here (you know it makes sense) We will be there with you in spirit. And do let us know how you have got on Sendin you a gentle Hug x Ann


Hi Bobbin,

Absolutely, it's worth it.

I believe it will be pretty much the same as the one for ESA.

You need to make sure you have someone with you and that when you answer questions you say 'not without discomfort', or 'not without severe discomfort', or 'not without pain', or 'not without severe pain', or simply 'no' wherever possible. I wouldn't just say 'yes' to anything unless you can do it without any of them applying.

Also, if sitting in the chair for any length of time is uncomfortable, move position or tell them you need to stand up and move around a bit.

Good luck and happy hugs, kate :)


good luck hun, hope it goes well x


Thankyou for all your advise this is taken on board, i am considering writing a letter to the judge to give a better insight would this be ok x


Have you seen this information on the FibroAction website:

If you would like the Benefits&Work guides, email


Thankyou, I have read this and will be printing a copy for them to read x


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