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I would like advice on my tribunal in 3 weeks time.

Does anyone know where to go to find represntation? My local CAB can't represent me and I was turned down by a free law centre because they wrote down my condition wrong and then claimed I was lying. My parents are willing to pay as I have 18 months worth of back payments if I manage to get DLA..

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  • i soooo know how you feel and what your going (and about to go through) i have been there and done it.. my claim even went to the secretary of state who also agreed with me.. they still turned me down.. that said at the hearing the dla woman said that if i was to apply now with a new claim that the chances are i would get it... oh and f**k me i did!!! lost 18 months back pay myself which is truly gutting but my new claim is for life so i dont need to apply ever again and i will get dla until im old.. i have a spinal problem! i did stumble upon a website called benefits and work, they have masses of information about dla and could possiably help you find someone too? good luck in three weeks time, and dont forget you can appeal against their decition, look out for them making an error of law... xxx

  • have a look to see if there is a disability forum in your area. i used one for my ESA medical questionaire and i passed first time...

  • i have had my reveiw and mobiltlity no as i could work with an aid for 75 yds the social services man filled it in for me and he said i should get the full mobilty and disability as i have other problems answer not entitled under new law ..mmmmmmmm and the ESA officer has more say than urself or dr its getting bad out there but others make it bad for us its a shame but good luck with ur reviewx

  • No ideas on a solicitor I can pay?

  • Check out you Mum's home insurance. Many of them provide free legal advice with the policy.

  • Try this there maybe someone in your area if not google representation for DLA Tribunal it comes up with lots of answers


    Good Luck x

  • My dad and husband represented me as they felt they knew me and my problems way better than anyone. Do you have anyone in your life who would be prepared to do this for you?

  • I have asked my mum, I don't think she feels she will be able to do it though. I would love her to.

  • Please remeber that if you are given DLA indefinately, as I have, when the government alter DLA to PIP I understand we all have to go through the prcefure again and reclaim !!!

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