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dla tribunal help please

Hi ,

I have just been given a date for my dla tribunal and I could do with some help from any one who has been through this. What should I expect? What should I take with me? Anything I should know before I go? My date is 24/7/13 now I have been given a date I am petrified of going Please any help would be gratefully accepted.

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hi pet message me on here and i give you a link...he helped me and was an angel and he will help you...i tell you more in your message xx


please send me link as well got my tribunal on tuesday morning.xx


hi rosylyn...have you got the link now pet? ...there such a lot of messages flying around since i set the ball rolling about liam...its against the rules to give you his link on here so please message me if you havent got the link yet.i will be on line all night .....liam will get back to you quickly pet...just tell him on the phone ...it could be a voice message but dont be put off i think they are so busy its not always manned...tell him its your tribunal on tues etc in your message just so he knows its urgent..i rang him late one night and he rang at 9 the next morning...hes great...let me know pet how you go on xxx


hi i have min

e on tuesday please could you help me please . i am dreading it whats the point of sending all your medical reports and still have to appeal. i got to do my son's esa form had he is one icb i have got someone coming out to help with form fillings all i have been doing is scanning medical reports and printing up i am so exhausted and stressed out about it all. gentle hugs. xxx


Hi Rosylyn,

the website you want is [website link removed as considered as promotion] [edited by admin] the lovely man is called Liam Carter he will be able to give you advice on what to do and say. Give him a call he is great good luck for Tuesday let me know how you go on x


hi thank you .i have liam helping me already he is trying to get tribunal for another date so he can come with me but looks like it will still be Tuesday

.i have my daughter coming with me i wont be bullied as i heard they do that. i let you know how i get on. xxx


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