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If something is labeled 'Disabled' the first thing is they put the price up. Their argument is it's a limited market.


There are more registered disabled now than 10 years ago whether through illness. accidents or wars,

So how can we be classed as 'limited' in any way, shape or form.

But there are a lot of people out there who make money out of our Disability.

They line their pockets from our misery.

They pay for their fancy homes, cars and holidays with our pain and tears.

How can they sleep at night?

No problem because they know to make our lives better we have to pay & pay and there are no shortages in customers.

How can they warrant the price of an electric wheelchair being in the same price bracket as a car. A car is a luxury, but a wheelchair is a necessity.

I could rant and rave all day. bUt I would love to hear how others feel.

soft hugs

Yvonne xxxx

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Who are you complaining about ???

Who puts up prices on what disabled things???

I know some aids you can claim vat off because of disability

For a family with a disabled person a car might be a necessity the same as a wheelchair

Yours confused

VG x


Sorry Very-Grumpy.

I didn't make myself clear.The comparison between the car and wheelchair,

I should have put an able-bodied person/family having a car and disabled needing a wheelchair. My daughter has a 7 seater car on Motability and she pay only a few pounds a month more than I do for my wheelchair.

I've had my flat adapted for a wheelchair (this was 10 years ago) and now as then, if anything is produced for anyone Elderly or Disabled it costs a lot more, even with vat relief.

I try to adapt something than buy purpose built to keep costs down.

There are many Aids available some at a reasonable price, but there is a lot more that are very expensive.

I recently had to buy a new cosytoes for my wheelchair a small item.To buy a decent thick warm waterproof one was gonna cost around £80. instead I brought 2 cheaper ones and wear the together. One advantage I've already found is if I get a bit to warm I can take one of.

Looking for things for my Granddaughter has really opened my eyes to the cost of things. If my daughter needs anything she lets me know and I surf the net and send her the results. The cost of some of the equipment that would make my Granddaughters life much easier and more comfortable would bankrupt my daughter. So she has to go without.

It's hard to make myself clear when it makes me so angry and upset,



Hi Whyshaw,

i don't know much about these things, but have you contacted Social Services to see what they're willing to provide? You should get something towards your needs and adaptations.

I know what you mean about specialty goods costing more - it's the same with all medical stuff, the price is unbelievable. I can remember looking at a catalogue of surgical instruments and being amazed at how much a pair of tweezers cost!

Sorry you're having a hard time, I should definitely contact Social Services and see what they will do for you.

Best of luck,

Moffy x


Thanks for the suggestion.

The thing with social services is they are strapped for cash, Just like the rest of us.

Catharine was going to have to wait 6-8 months for a social worker, but the woman who works with her school intervened and got her classed as at risk. Was the only way.

Shes been ill for a number of years, had different diagnosis's, but recently they finally agreed she has Retts, so her life expectancy is short, and her health will get worse. She is a beautiful little girl who doesn't deserve the life she has. She always brings smile to all those she meets

She is on the waiting list for so much it's stupid.

There favorite expression is 'we can supply items that are adequate for her needs', in other words the cheapest.

Only through charities have they been able to get some of the equipment needed.

And your right anything SPECIALIZED come with a high cost.


I know what you mean. Simple things like wrist splints can cost £20+ each wrist. I was in boots looking at knee supports. They had one that you could wear in bed and it was almost £30. Walking sticks, well think of number and double it! Ergonomic cutlery? Dont ask. Now in themselves, it doesnt sound much, but if you want lots of them it gets pricey. I agree, disability aids are a big market and unfortunately, a captive one xx


Thanks snowbell,

It's always worth checking on line before you buy else where.

I really don't know what I would do without 'Google'.

I found an Alarm mat for my daughter over £50 cheaper for the same item.

I've save myself and family a small fortune by shopping on line.

Not everyone has the time to search, fortunenatly I do.


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