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New car comming today.....can't waite!!!!

Our new car is arriving today and I can't waite!!!!

My husband has a company car that changes every 3 years and although we have only had the current one for 2yrs the boss asked if we wanted to change cars a few months ago to something bigger for my wheelchair and scooter.

We went to the show room so I could try getting in and out and have got one thats much higher up so hopefuly lifting me out will not put as much strain on my husbands back now, it also has loads of room for my wheelchair and the seats all fold down so that when needed I can lie down in the back.

I'm really looking forward to it comming and am so grateful to my husbands boss who has been really kind and understanding since I got ill and gone out of his way to make things easyer for us.

I'll let you all know if it lives up to my expectations!!! LOL xxxxx

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WOW!! hope you enjoy the comfort Jessy. good for you! xxxx


what a great boss your hubby got,enjoy your new car


Thats brilliant! Hope its ok for you xxx



It is so nice to hear that there are still some good people about, your hubbies boss sounds fab. :)

Hope it helps you.

enjoy it.

kel xxxx


woo woo posh old lucky you woo wont you be the poshone in your new car lol enjoy love to you diddle x


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