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Does anyone suffer from fibromyalgia and M.E?

Also have been told by someone who knows about Atos and the new P.I.P medicals that if you can lift just one arm to your chest your eligible for work. Which is a joke.

I have a full time carer and was told I was eligible.

Asked Atos what employer would pay for me and my carer. Took it to appeal and they couldn't understand why I was there and couldn't the Atos Dr see I was in a wheelchair and disabled. Lol

Hope your pain free xxxx :-)

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Hi there , there are quite a few members on here with fibro and ME hopefully they will log in and see your post

VG x


Thanks :-)


Almost everyone has to go to appeal after ATOS. The reason for this is nothing to do with how ill or disabled you are. It's all to do with the fact that ATOS receive £14,000 for every person they pass as fit for work. The system is costing the Govt far more than fraudulent benefit claims ever did, and is causing untold misery to thousands of genuinely sick and disabled people countrywide.

I guess the only answer is to challenge this mob of scoundrels at every possible opportunity, so well done for going to appeal!

All of us here have fibromyalgia, and other conditions as well. ME is a difficult one - to the best of my knowledge, no-one has ever come up with a satisfactory differential diagnosis between Fibro, ME and CFS - to all intents and purposes they are interchangeable and identical - and they're all a bl**dy nuisance!

I was told I had fibro 14 years ago, though I think I'd had it for many years before that. I was also told that it was 'all in my head'

Now, my rheumatologist says I have RA - which has been sero-negative for years and is now sero-positive. So - did I ever have fibro? I really don't know, but the pain and symptoms are pretty much the same, so I doubt if anyone will ever be able to tell me. One thing I do know is that it isn't, and never was, 'all in my head'!

Stay strong!

Moffy x


Thanks Moffy

I have had fibro for 27 yrs. It became more prominent after my stroke in 2009, then was diagnosed with M.E in 2010.

Then to put the cherry on the cake I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012.

One good thing about my breast cancer that while I'm going through my treatment Atos are leaving me alone for now. Yay lol :-) xxxxx


ATOS are totally not with it!!!! They are shocking I won my appeal and was put in the WRAG, really cant do anything. 2 yrs ago I was a very busy nursery nurse and mum and wife...Now it takes me ages just to get myself dressed...I am only 46 and feel like 100

Jan x


Fibro is such a horrible illness to deal with on a daily basis, and to have to go thru the worry and effort of the Atos joke (but none of us are laughing), takes it out of you so much. As Moffy said, its all about money, but to the wrong people. Its a disgracful scandal and I dont know for the life of me, why the gov is still allowed to get away with wasting so much money and then telling us there have to be cuts on the most vulnerable. It just shows tho, that they know nothing about the people they are "assessing" for work. If I was sent to work b'coz i could use one arm, (which actually IS the case), that arm wouldnt be able to work the next day. So it would be a cycle of work- cant work- go back on ESA- wait months to be paid, struggling to live- be assessed- "no ESA, youre fit for work"- work- cant work................. They dont care how much you suffer physically,mentally and financially as long as they get paid wads of money to do an immoral job. Almost makes you wish this awful illness on them just to "prove a point"

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Yes I have fibro and ME as well as other condiotions and am waiting my decision from the Atossers...I have told my medical team that I will be asking for letters from them soon as I figure they are given bonus for people being "fit for work"


I too have Chronic Virol fatigue Syndrome it is like ME but is the Epstien-Bar Virus found in the blood,usually caused by Glandular fever. I also have Fibro...Fibro affects the muscles...and I also have RA and Ostio Arthritis ( Plese excuse the spelling. ). Making me need two new knees and poss a Hip replacement.

I got CVFS first then Fibro and all this was over 23 years ago,mine got worse over the last year. I think most people with Fibro have some sort of ME and other ailments,it sure is a hard one!!

Hope you feel better soon x

Gentle hugs x (((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ;-) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Yes I suffer from both! I have been put in the wrag group.I asked if I could have a home visit and was told no.Dreading it as I cant say how I will be that day.Jut spent the last 3 days in bed!


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