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had some VERY good news today

We have finally been offered a bungalow with level access and which can take a wheelchair WHOOP WHOOP WHOOPY!! : )

All we need to do is for my OT to access the bathroom and order my electric bed now. It will be simply heaven just to sit out in the garden or walk to our car with out having some one lift my legs one by one up the steps!

thats 2 bits of good news this month it feels so good to have some for a change

hugs poppyxx

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So pleased for you poppy hun.It will make all the difference to you and your life.

I wish you every happiness for when you move in.

Nothing like a nice bit of garden space to call your own.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx


Thank you butterfly and chris, It is and I am trying really hard not to get too excited and wear myself ot before the move lol!

hugs poppy xx


yay brilliant news so pleased for you :) xxxx


thrilled to bits for you at last some relief


oh it is nice to hear good news im sure you will be very happy when you move in but dont overdo it


Lin x


Hi poppy so pleased you have been given a bungalow it will make life much easier I bet you would do cartwheels if you could. soft hugs xx


oh yes i would , i can always imagine cartwheels in my head lol!

Thank you everyone, hopeing you all get some good news too

hugs poppy xx


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