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Dreams that feel so real of my father & cat long gone :(

I've just woken up from a 2 hr sleep on the sofa,I feel exhausted,more than when I nodded off,during my sleep I had two emotional dreams that felt so real when I woke up,if you read my blog yesterday 'f..k.. useless locum' you will know I had an emotional day at docs,probs with partner,reduced wages ect,the first dream was...I got up off the sofa and went into the kitchen to see a black cat,as I approached I realised it was my cat that died 7 yrs ago,I called her name 'Rosie',as I put my hand out to touch her she turned into a puppy,I turned around and there was another one,i looked on further and there was the puppies mother,there was a girl of about 20,I told her to keep away from my partner and hit her!then things changed to another story,I felt a presence behind me and it was my father who had died16 yrs ago,I reached out to him and he took my hand,i wanted to take him and show him that i still had things of his,I was actually aware that I could feel his hand and I partly woke up crying because I was so happy that his touch was so real,I went back into my dream and I said to him I need to hug you,we did this and he went,I woke up feeling rather confused,sad he'd gone and so exhausted,I guess there a couple questions I wanted to ask.

1,do you find that you have more dreams and nightmares now then when you didn't have fibro?

2,do they seem more intense than before and very real?

3,do you feel exhausted having dreamt so mutch?

4,and for those that believe in the meaning of dreams do you think it's telling me something.

I would appreciate your thoughts on sleeping and dreams.

I will say it felt very real to hug my dad after so long,I feel a bit emotional.xxxx

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Hi Pinkblossom,

I know how you feel, I lost my mum when I was 15, and I occasionally have vivid dreams about her, and it does make you very emotional.

I don't always sleep well enough to dream, but just occasionally I do and my dreams are more intense and seem very real. It is always very tiring to have these dreams. xxxx


Hi Pinkblossom, What a lovely dream. I lost my mum 3 years ago and dream of her many times. I do believe in an afterlife, which I am not trying to promote here. I often ask for help from angels and long lost love ones, and do find the answers come to me often whilst I sleep.I would get a dream book and maybe it can shed some light on your dream. If you have a belief that somehow your dad is still connected to you, then he probably just popped in to give you a hug and some comfort. I hope this is what it felt like. Bless you


Many thanks for your comments,earlier i left a long respone to your messages and it didnt sumit,iv left messages to others and they dosnt seem to be posted!so this is shorter!can't believe how vivid they are,after such an awful day yesterday,partner,money,DLA,docs ect I'd like to think he did pop in to say its ok and give reassurance.xx


Hi Pinkblossom .....I have been having vivid dreams that seem so real, I used to know if my dream was a dream. But now a days they seem so real,and some very emotional and some ,traumatic. I have woken from nasty one crying and sobing and not sure if it was a dream,or for real,and wondering where I am!!!

I did speak to a friend of mine and she said apart from the ones when my tempreture was high,she thinks it is to do with planetary aspects. At the moment I am not well enough to do a dream analasis,as I have all the books, but as soon as I am well enough I will inbox you x x

Gentle hugs and rainbows sent your way x x (((((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))))))))


Oh rainbowdancer that would be lovely,I also have a realy scary one about an intruder,I can see myself trying to shout and wake myself up before he comes in the bedroom and get me,feels like an out of body experience,that's so real,I can see myself lying in the bed,very strange,that's quite a regular one,the one with my dad happens now and again but never able to touch his hand,Rosie the cat comes often aswell,at least now I know other people have these dreams and I'm not the only one,or going crazy!! Soft hugs Hun xxx


I often see my little Tibetan Terrier in our house usually out of the corner of my eye,she comes here if I am feeling really poorly. Not sure if my little yorkshire terrier see's her,as he often stares in the direction I feel she is in ,and makes funny yorkie noises! lol :-)

I have at times a recuring dream like you, and I now have crystals in my room ,and I have dreamcatchers ,but sometimes they just come through,and it as you said, is so real. I latley suround myself with angel light,and this often works but again not always as when I am really foggy I forget,and hey ho Bad dreams again !!

I will let you know if I can work yours out but am having tests at the hospital all next week.

I do hope you get some peace my lovely.xx

Gentle Hugs :-)


Just realised rainbow dancer I sent you that link,twice!LoL god I'm so slow!!xx


Good luck with the tests rainbowdancer,don't push yourself with doing my analysis,only do it if you're up to it,you saying about your yorkie dog,one evening my partner and I sat watching tv and my dog was looking at the corner of the room and very very slowly her eyes followed well nothing realy to the door,we just looked at each other!a few years ago I took an interest in chrystals so I do have some in my drawer,but like I said,iv lost my way a bit!xx


hi pinkblossom I have dreams that same so real and the next day they same to be on my mind all the time and I had a dream about my dad last night ( he was such a lovely caring person) take care love beth x


Thanks Beth,I'm glad I'm not the only one,I'm sure you miss your dad as mutch as I do mine,although it can leave you feeling emotional when you dream of them it's so nice they came to see you in your dreams,it seems so real,what's even stranger is sometimes he speaks and when I wake up..just for that moment..I can remember his voice as though it was yesterday not 16 yrs ago,strange but lovely,take care Beth..sweet dreams xx


I have some lovely dreams about my mum and dad and friends and family who have passed. I love those dreams! I get to spend time wth them again. I know they are dreams.

I dreamt about my aunty,who died 12yrs ago and her daughter, my cousin, [still very much alive]. We were sat in my aunts house. I was on a low stool trying to get up. We were all helpless with laughter and kept setting each other off with looks or giggles - no words. I woke and tried several times to call and tell her. She rang me that night. She'd been at the hospital all day, and her younger sister had just died after an op. I chose to take the dream as a positive thing, had she survived, her life would not have been what she wanted, maybe there was a message?




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