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good evening, well good night as I cant sleepmy question is about acupuncture

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I was wondering if any one has had acupuncture

I know that a few people have as I have read the

tags, but it does not say if in the long term it helped


My daughter is having a problem having a baby

nothing wrong just does not happen anyway she

is going to acupuncture, well you try anything

dont you.she says she feels wondeful after

She asked a question to the acupuncturest

if it woud work on some one with fibro, he told her

that fibro was very complext and that we would

have to find some one who speciliasted in this

I suppose as the feelings our now that we have

problems with our nerves giving out the wrong

messages then sticking needles into them may

even make it worse.

My husband had it done for rhumatold arthritis and

found that it realy relaxed him, did not take the pain

away realy but said that he wanted to sleep after

so not sure realy what he got from it other than

feeling chilled out so thats good.

I would be a little worried I think incase it made

fibro worse

love in the middle of the night I wish

should read awake in the middle of the night


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Hi Viv. Yes I`ve had acupuncture and found it very relaxing, for that hour it was as near to heaven as i could ever be. Felt very sore and tired after that night and a bit stiff the next day, but did have maybe three days where my pain wasnt as bad. If I could afford it I would still be having it now! Try it? The two Ladies that did mine had read up on Fibro, and did not go as deep as they would with other people as to not put me in to much pain. Hope that helps. Ann x

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Thanks ann, maybe I will try it I will let you know

vic x

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sadoldred in reply to Hidden

Again hi Vivien. Last night when I was typing (and my foggy day) my answer was a bit mixed up, for me anyway, so I`ll try and put it now? I have had acupuncture, paying private also on NHS, paying your self is a better option as you get longer, I was a bit sore after as he gave me a good massage after! But I have also had reflexology which is wonderful, at the time of me lying on the bed and having my treatment it was bliss. So I would recommend having this treatment. I feel a bit sore for a couple of days (more than normal) but its great when they are doing it! Hope you get on ok Ann xx

Hi do try it I found it very helpful gave me more energy ! x gins

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I had acupuncture, and had a really bad reaction, which is apparently rare.

If you have it start slow just a couple of needles, as the pain was so intense i couldn't help crying out when she touched them.

Hi Viv. Not long ago I looked this up for a factsheet we should be publishing very soon on Complementary Therapies and Fibro. What the evidence suggests is that while acupuncture can be helpful for the pain and some other symptoms of Fibro in some people, the effects tend to be short-lived. So it isn't a good long-term or stand-alone treatment option. This confirms what I've heard from many people with Fibro and my own experiences - acupuncture can be great, but you seem to need to have it once or twice a week and keep having it for it to help! Given the only way to get it on the NHS usually is instead of the typical 6 physiotherapy sessions, this isn't sustainable for most people. And that's partly why we suggest people try to get the most help for the long-term they can out of physio, rather than having acupuncture as a short-term fix instead of anything else.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you it would be very expensive if you

Had to do this every week, so maybe if you

Can't afford it some times would be good

I think I might be a bit afraid that as it goes into

The nerves that some one without knowledge of

Fibro would make it worse

my gp is a trained acupuncturist, used it 4 me and 1st time the needles just kept pinging straight out (1st time she'd seen that) 2nd time felt horrible electric shock go through arm/hand, 3rd time (& last) seemed to make everything even worse if that's possible. she also said she had another patient with fibro who always had enormous benefit from it so there does not seem to be a universal one-size-fits-all response. i suppose on balance i would say anything is worth a try!

Hi, i have tried it a few times but for me it makes my symptoms worse so i now stay clear of it as it just doesnt seem to agree with me. as we all know some things work for some and not for others, so just because it doesnt agree with wont mean it wont for you. In my opinion anyhting is worth a try to see.

joTake Care

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JoJo32 in reply to JoJo32

Sorry meant to write:

Take Care

Jo xx


hi..i got acupuncture through my doctor and done at the surgery at night with a visiting experience wasnt good,the pain as he tried to put in needles was excruciating,and continued throughout the twenty mins,plus i bled a lot,the doctor said it was because i was very tender,but not everyone has this negative does help some people..hugs x

hi again,i forgot to say,ask your doctor about taking phenergan tablets,non addictive and very good! i take half a tablet,,does the trick zzzzz...x

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