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Help with fibro fog/speaking in public

Originally put this as an answer to another question but wasn't sure if many people would see it - still learning ins and outs of using forums.

I'm particulary bad with brain fog when I'm tired, can't for the life of me put a sentance together and I stutter - never had a stuttered before I got fibro. I have an upbeat personality so I laugh it off and I think everybody at work or who don't know me so well think I'm a right ditz!!! But in most situations I prefer to let them think that instaed of them going quiet when I tell them I have fibro. Big problem at the moment is I have been put on a course through work which is four hours a week for the next year and at the end we have to pass on our knowledge to about 50 people. I don't think the standing up in front of people will bother me too much,but what if I start to stutter in front of the crowd of can't get my words out:( I've already planned that I will take the week before off work in hopes my mind will be kinda Sharpe! Anyone have any other ideas on precautions etc I can do so I donKt end up looking completly stupid :). Hope this makes sense oobs xxx

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I teach kids so I do this daily!

Although mine are 8 so not as scary as grown ups but still as critical.

My kids know I get 'furry brain' on occasion and that my 'cats' keep me up at night. Sometimes too I get fur balls between my teeth which make me stammer and muddle my words too!

And if my cats have been very cheeky, I may be very achy from playing rough and tumble games like chasing mice, so I will get one of them to demonstrate stretches in PE or we will have silent writing rather than idea sharing!

Obviously, telling a room full of adults you have furballs won't work lol, but I thought sharing some of this would reassure you that it can be done and I frequently have adults watching me some who do and do not know of my condition! My trick is to be light hearted about it and able to have a giggle t yourself rather than feeling laughed at (which doesn't happen....99% of the adults are glad it's not them up there believe me)

I would say plan plan plan....I plan and then re plan, use highlighters and make notes until I could teach it in my sleep,,,,and the. If my words do garble...well blame the furballs ;-)

Best of luck with your course and sorry about the rambling! Xx


I am pretty sure that you will have to stand up and present to your peers on the course over the duration of it, and will hopefully have got used to the idea of it. Practice does help, so begin telling your voice recorder ever week what you've done (make notes first if you want). Then present to a friend or significant other as the course progresses. Just keep doing it each time and redo your presentation so you're updating it as you go along. by the end of the year some of it will be like reciting it in your sleep, and the rest will *just* be very familar.

Good luck with the course x x x


Thank you Mrs cats and spirit for your ideas will give them all a go. Love the cat comparisons - not sure if comparisons is the right word can't for the life of me think of the bloody word ..... Thanks again lasdies for help much appreciated xxx :)


Try taking Ginko Baloba i find it helps and an other approach is start your talk by explaining you may stutter etc but not to worry and please be pation also cue cards would definatly be a good one to keep you on track xxxx



Thanks for the help. Is the Ginko Baloba a vitamin?


Please don't take any supplements without checking first with your GP. Sometimes supplements must not be used in conjunction with our daily meds, some can even be toxic and cause dangerous, potentially fatal side effects. It's always best to check first!


Thanks I always check with doc anyway :)


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