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Feel utterly rotten

i was fine last Friday, all be it tired and in pain, Saturday morning bang i was hit with the most horrible stomach ache and a stinking cold. Toilet trips on and off all day, spent most of day in bed felt lousy, out came the loperamide, Stomach settled down, 4 days on i still fee like rubbish, stomach ache back again, Yesterday felt a little better so did some washing and a bit of tidying, son came down with he grandchildren for an hr. Today ????? stomach ache back again, loo trips again. The cold is still hanging in there , My body feels like i have put it through a huge workout. Sleep is non-existent at night 2-4 hrs and the most, Cough Cough, out comes the Tena pads lol. Have ordered some shopping from Asda,anything else can wait until i feel better Just have to wait and see how long that will be, supposed to on a course tomorrow, Any suggestions on how to get my energy back? i want to go and run hop skip jump again ha ha chance be a fine thing :)

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It lasted 10 days for me... Sorry :( Seems to one of the bugs that are going around and now I am in the grips of a major flare so sorry for the short answer... I phoned my GP about the bug and they said just keep fluids up and ride it out...

VG x


sorry to hear you are in aflare do hope it goes out soon! xxgins


Nothing much else you can do except as VG says - keep up the fluids and rest. Don't worry about things you're not doing - just let it all go hang.

It usually does take up to ten days to rid yourself of a nasty virus, tho' you should be over the worst of it in a week. The energy will come back when it's good and ready - i really wish we could all plug into the mains and get a re-charge :(

If you don't improve in a few days, or start to feel worse it's probably best to see your GP.

Hope you recover soon.

Moffy x


I would check if your cold lasts too long to go back GP incase its sinitius. Every time I get a cold now I end up with this, suffering for weeks on end, luckily nose sprays helped this time but I ussally have to have antibiotics. I wet myself more and have headaches and feel rotten. So I dread getting colds because they turn out like that for me.


Now added to that today i have a water infection to add to my other woes, really fed up and down in the dumps at mo. Have phoned doc for antibiotics this morning, Hopefully will start feeling a bit better soon


Do hope things start to improve for you, hugs


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