Very annoying cough

Hi just wondering if anyone or here has suffered from a cough that can become quite violent at time and any diagnosis. I have had the cough for nearly 5 weeks new. At time it is so bad that I retch and on occasion vomit. I have had to leave work meetings and halt telephone calls. I have seen my GP , well 3 different ones from my practice. First gave me new nasal spray and said it was related to sinus and allegoric rhinitis,hay fever problem. Went back a week later as suggested as it had got really bad. Was given a course of antibiotics and sent for chest x-ray. Meds course finished an x-ray came back clear. I haven't spoken to doc (receptionist told me it was clear) but cough is still here and not a great deal better. I also have PBC and wondered if it could be related to stomach issues. any thoughts welcome. Thank you

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  • Get back to your GP. A cough that lasts longer than 3 weeks has to be diagnosed! 🐸

  • Hi Sorebones am reluctant to go back to GP but I think if it last longer than another week I will have to just to stop being nagged by others LOL

  • The main thing is that you have had the chest X-ray and it's all as it should be. So you know that it's just annoying. I can understand your reluctance. I know myself how it feels to go back for the same thing. We each know our own bodies 🐸

  • Poor you, nothing worse than coughing for weeks. My daughter has had it though & she had it for 6 weeks, maybe longer, she had 2 lots of antibiotics, asthma pumps & doctor just said it was virus & can last that long. Finally got better a couple of weeks ago & now she has back again. There are a lot of viruses around at the moment.

    Cough can also definitely be related to stomache probs cos my mum has hernia & gets cough..same as you, nearly chokes herself It's even woke her at night so yeah best to check out you get a lot of indigestion or heart burn..

    Luv Jan x

  • Hi Janet28 I know some coughs can go on and non. My mum has a hernia too and I know sometimes it makes her cough. As I said to Sorebones reluctant to go to GP again but may have too. :(

  • My husband starting having this AFTER he quit smoking.I keep cough drops on hand ad they do seem to work for him.Good luck.Peck x🐤

  • I am being tested at the moment to find out why i keep getting coughs. I defo think that mine is due to reflux.

  • I'm getting bad coughs to. It's been 2 weeks but not been doctors been using home remedies. Ginger tea and itd been working then it starts again. I'm not sure what it is. It's a chesty cough and it burns

  • Not a GP but I get a burning cough when I have chest infection, you need to see your GP if this is the case, good luck!

  • Hi FFC1

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and as the others have said it does need a diagnosis as it has lasted for so long? I do not know what medications you are taking but some can cause a cough? It may prove beneficial to read through all of your literature?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken. Not really on any meds for fibro at moment except basic pain relieve. I also Have PBC and GAVE (stomache problem) I wonder if that is root cause. I do think I need to contact my GP but always reluctant to bother them. I have an appointment at Kings for PBC this month so hopefully they can shed some light on the issue too.

    best wishes

  • Could be, as both issues such as GORD / GERD or an hiatus hernia can cause persistent coughing. Good luck my friend.

  • Im having ginger tea and it's doing the trick for the night and in the morning got it again. If I keep having the ginger tea it manages to control it. As ginger has anti inflammatory components. Hope this helps

  • You could add lemon as well even mint leaves which helps with the stomach.

  • Hello from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours) I too have been going thru same process. I started a cough a year ago after moving home and ignored it thinking it was dust etc. It started to wake me up, my throat drys up across from side to side thus causing coughing, I too have gastric reflux disease and take PPI for that. I had a spirometry and a chest xray with negative results, I found my tongue and gums to be very sore and soft tissue peeling, it burns too, I realised I was coughin up acid. I,ve had a gastroscopy recently and found to have polyps and a hiatus hernia down my gullet.. My opinion from reading from members with fibro is that a fibro cough can be present from a dry throat and I gargle with an oil based mouthwash called "Pronamel" this also gets rid of the acid in my mouth and soothes sore tongue and gums.BUT I am waiting for results from gastro to see if I need to do anything else. Remember NOt everything we suffer is fibro it can be other things not related..

  • Hi Thank you all for your concern and replies. Certainly will try some of the remedies suggested and I think re-visit to GP. At least Chest X-Ray was clear so that something I guess.

    Keep as well as you can :)

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