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Rotten Day but my Saving Grace

Rotten Day but my Saving Grace

Sorry to be moaning, but today has been extra horrid :-(. I awoke with a cracking headache (not a migraine thank goodness) and every single muscle and most of my joints felt dreadful. Having taken about one and a half hours to get myself downstairs, let the dogs out, thank goodness they do it all on their own, I them slumped onto the sofa, where I remained for most of the day, I am so lucky to have a lovely inglenook with a woodburner in - saved my landlady a fortune as there was only a tiny Victorian fireplace there before, but I realised there was the inglenook behind it. I paid £100 for it and my good friend Tim said he would knock out the old fireplace and do all the installation for me, Another friend who I had done a good turn for wanted to thank me by giving me the slates and so, as there was already a liner coming down the chimney, I basically got it all for about £150 which I think is probably best value for money that I have ever had.o

Anyway, to get back to my point, I just feel that having this woodburner keeping my cottage all warm and toasty, means that when I'm feeling grotty I can rely on it to keep me warm, which for me is very important. It is the only heating in the cottage but then it's a small dwelling, like two up two. Most of my friends call it my nuclear reactor as it is so efficient. Hey ho , hope I manage to get some sleep tonight without the usual interruption which may I ope make me more able to cope with things better tomorrow. I have an appt with my therapist so I really hope I feel better so that I can actually get to it, though as I feel atm., it will be a cancellation,:-(

Sorry for the rambling whinge, but sending all you dear people all good wishes.

Muchly. F...iest x

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Whoops the wood burner really doesn't work on its side...........hehe


Hope you'll be feeling better soon, foggy - at least you're nice and warm. i feel so sorry for people out there who haven't got a warm home to go to - that would finish me!

Tomorrow's another day, so hopefully we'll all feel better!

Moffy x


Thanks so much moffy, today has been really unpleasant , I'm not my normals jolly person so please forgive! I am so grateful,for having such a good heating source and like you feel really sorry for this who don't though there was one winter 7 years ago which I spent at a friends house, they had metal frame windows and the hour due north , I had such a a bad flare I didn't know what to do with myself, I chilblains on my frostbite ,,,,,it was ghastly. The bathroom had a "walk in bath", well as you probably know, you are meant to sit in the bath whilst it fills up, but it was so so cold that I took to running the bath and then almost vaulting into it - a real sight for sore eyes. As ever, I've gone off in a tangent and have completely lot the plot of where I was going with this (no change there then). So I shall end this epistle.......simples !!

muchly. F...iest x


Hi Foggy

Poor you sounds like a painful day. Sending some healing hugs your way (((((x)))))) Can I just say your cozy cottage complete with inglenook sounds like heaven especially when like me you live in a frrrrrrezzzzing old 3 storey house which lets in the cold and wind via a million nooks and crannies - brrrrrr think I have inglehook envey lol

Dixie x


Looks very warming , hope you, manage to get some sleep tonight

VG x


Thanks VG it's much needed as I think I got an hour at the most......I couldn't get comfortable enough to have my pain under control, so tossed and turned like a mad thing. What really annoyed me is that I have memory foam which is supposed to make it better but it hasn't been working for me for the last few nights, you know it's cumulative and I've reached my breaking point now. Sorry again for the whinge, but thank you for taking the time to respond.

A take care VG muchly Foggy x


I loved the idea of you vaulting into the bath!

in hospital once I had a lovely soak in of those baths you sit in, it tips back and you fill it up. when you've finished you empty it then ease the lever forward to sit and get out gracefully.

unfortunately, the nursing assistant fell off her chair, grabbed the handle as she fell and I was launched into the air!

luckily it didn't fully sit up, I grabbed the support rail and stayed on-board,

she ended up totally soaked, I hurt my neck & arm, but we were crying & laughing.




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