Utterly broken

I have always been a cheerful glass half full girl. This week however I have been turned down for increase in dla care component. They said they could only listen to what I put on my application 3 years ago, yes thats how long it has taken for my appeal to be heard. The reason I am so upset and can't stop crying is they made me out to be a liar. They would ask a question from the 3 yr old form and I had explained about my memory problems on entry, and then when I answered they would say thats not what you said on your form I.e my daughter was at college and they asked how many days a week I said 4 I think they would then say I had initially said 3. This happened a few times and then when I was turned down my representative from cab thinks I should think very carefully about another appeal as I could be considered a bad witness or something like that. In otherwise I lied and I swear to god I didnt lie. One of the panel said if I fall sometimes when I am out perhaps I should get a walking frame instead of a crutch. I am only 55 and my occupational therapist has never even suggested it. I couldn't think of an answer as to why I shouldn't get one and that was definitely a bad mark.

I am so sorry if this is gobble de gook but having you to talk to I dont have to cry and sob in front of her. Anyway thats me now I have no fight left in me. I am just giving up the big fight. I am alone apart from a daughter who is leaving home this year and it is just so hard to keep going with no one to talk to :'(

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  • Hi there I can completely empathise with your distress at not being awarded any higher rate dla... They seem to have some strange reasoning process in decisions.

    As it is only you and your daughter and when she leaves and you will be alone can you not put in a fresh claim now you have lost your appeal as you don't have a case open and you can fill in your new circumstances and how you are NOW .....NOT 3 years ago.....

    I still look on getting some dla as a good thing but I do have my OH. So unless I am wrong put in a fresh claim

    Here's hoping someone else agrees or has a better idea

    VG x

  • Hi Chrissy,

    I know it's not much comfort at a time like this, but they are treating everyone the same - they are very skilled at tripping people up and making them out to be untruthful.

    It's seems to be simply a campaign to discourage people from claiming what they're entitled to. I think VG is right - you should put in a fresh claim.

    Don't feel put down- none of this is your fault, and if everyone refuses to be put off this wicked system will soon be changed!

    Moffy x

  • Thank you my friends. The fact you have been so nice has set me off again. So do you think it may be better to put in a completely new application form. Will they not just look at the tribunal and see some scrounger after something for nothing. I spend so much more on taxis now as I am unsteady I am not looking for a holiday and new car. Sorry guys I nearly got started again. Oh just one more thing we were talking about my carer and one of them said my chemist would put them in blister packs how would I forget to take them then. I replied I would forget to go and get the pack lol. What a bunch of horrible people they were who obviously knew nothing of fibro.

    Thanks again my friends x

  • Yes put in a completely new claim I had my renewal form a few weeks ago and I filled it in because things had changed ....they ignored the changes and I still got the same rate but i think its because i have an OH who can cook and get prescriptions etc...it is indefinite now instead of every year so that's a worry off my mind ...

    But Definately put in a new claim stating how you are now and don't mention your tribunal at all...

    Fingers crossed for you

    VG x

  • Thanks vg its reassuring to know you are there and understand the symptoms and mood swings etc etc of this pig of an illness ?

  • It shouldn't matter that you have an OH who can cook etc, DLA is supposed only take account of what YOU can or can't do.

    Check your letter as to the reasons why they didn't give you a higher rate - if they haven't been in touch with your GP/Consultant and you had asked them to then phone them and ask for a reconsideration as they haven't taken all your medical records into consideration when making their decision. Both times I applied I found they hadn't paid attention to what I had on my form! Last time I told them I'd gotten worse and they ignored the changes I mentioned and hadn't contacted my GP so I phoned them and a couple of weeks or so later I had my award increased and it was made indefinite instead of 3 years.

  • Oh yes indeed everyone here... volunteers and FA we all have fibro and some of of us have extra thrown in so we do understand and between us we have first hand knowledge of most situations

    Good luck with your new claim... if you haven't already there are sheets we can email you

    If you email info@fibroaction.org and enter benefits in the subject box


  • Thanks for your advice. I am sure you understand the feeling of despair at having to fight all the time against this fibro and the lack of medics that know very little about it. I am sure thanks to you guys that I will get my fight back.

  • i refer to the comment of getting a walker i have been advised that social services/help in the community will only give you items to use indoors so the indoor walker is not really for outdoor use and if you want one of the walkers that have a seat on them you have to buy these or any outdoor walker yourself

  • Hi my occupational therapist supplied my 4wheel stroller for outside use

  • Thanks for the information. Again another useful tip


  • I think someone is getting paid to Sponcer pip it's not good to wait do it now or they will wonder how you coped or why you left it....pip is going to be harder esp when you are I'll and can't think and can't explain yourself without getting in a a fuddle...if read a lot of it and it even says Dec blind and dumb ppl can communicate there for they can work in a modern British work place.I'd love to know where I can get a job where I can sleep up to 18 hours a day or say sorry boss I'm off for a few months having a relapse you understand it may last a year even or can someone pick this up for me can you can you ? I'd laugh or cry cos it's so ridiculous so as we're all in same boat...cheer up were all in this together it can't go on much longer without a backlash so go really now and don't wait...good luck huggy wuggy to you xxx

  • Sorry about my spelling I can't be doing with predictive text I hope you get my drift th tablet writes what it wants not what I want..gobbeldy gook xx

  • LMH don't apologise for spelling it's fine :) I am urging people to apply for dla now before pip comes in because pip does not have a low care rate or low mobilty rate which some people on here deserve.... under pip they may not qualify but under dla they will and something is better than nothing ....

    VG x

  • Standard Rate Mobility PIP is similar to LRM DLA - they are making getting Enhanced Rate Mobility PIP harder to get although you may still get a Blue Badge even although you don't get ERM PIP depending on your score. There are also two areas they look at for Mobility now so being sensory impaired or having cognitive problems are also taken into account as well as the physical act of walking.

  • Pleace don't give up ,I know how hard it is and how easy it is to admit deffeat ,If you could get a copy of your forms from 3 years ago and before your next appeal read through it like its the bible or the high way code ,I'm sure they wont turn you down again xx ;-) big hugs xx

  • Personally I would re-apply for your DLA again ASAP as it's ridiculous that the Tribunal have to base your appeal your original claim 3 years ago and under law can't make any allowances for how you are now. Fresh claim, fresh eyes and if they turn you down make sure you ask for a reconsideration.

  • Thanks guys my head is in such a muddle. My daughter leaves home in2 weeks so I will have to move as I will have a sspare room. Everything is just hsppening at once.

    When was the date I need to get my next appeal in before pip please xx

  • Thanks guys. When does my final appeal have to be in before pip please. Love you xx

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