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Is it just me?

I have noticed just recently when I go out, for example food shopping, or just going for a

Coffee, I feel ever so slightly tipsy even though I drink alcohol!

Strange sort of a feeling like being out of sync.

Do any of you guys out there ever experience this.

It feels awfully like it's connected to fibro.

Just like a sort of follow on of fibro fog.

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Oh yes! I feel like this most of the time, and have become used to it. It gets worse when I'm really foggy.

I doubt if we need to do anything about it, apart from the usual eye tests, blood tests and blood pressure readings, but best to mention it to your GP in case you need anything sorted.

I spend most of my time feeling that I have had a couple of good pegs of G&T, yet surprisingly, if I do have a drink, I don't feel any worse.

Oh well - I'm a very cheap date! :D

Moffy x


Thanks for your reply.

Oh well it certainly gives a whole new meaning to feeling squiffy!!

Better keep out of the alcohol aisle when shopping in Tesco's

just in case people might think I am truly drunk!!


I have terrible problems in restaurants - not because of the squiffy feeling, but because of the fact that my joints seem to solidify if I sit immobile for even half an hour.

I have often had to be helped to rise from my table and have needed an arm to walk outside.

I'm sure other diners must think I'm totally trolleyed!

It gives a whole new meaning to the term 'a STIFF drink '

Moffy x


Well funny you should mention restaurants. I was in one not so long ago with my husband

and my Mother, who I might add is eighty eight years young.

As we both got up from the table we kinda had to help each other to steady our legs!!

Boy did I laugh out loud!


Heheh! You have to see the funny side of it, or fibro can turn you into a real saddo!

I confess that I have been one of the saddest of saddos in the past, but now I take each day as it comes and laugh as much as I can!

Moffy x


When I go out I fill like I am in a fish bowl with the world going on around me. I also feel more foggy.

Ladymouth I have to agree with you . I try and laugh at myself ,my triping, my speech. Etc. I try not to watch sad or voilet TV or read dreadful things in the papers. I have been diagnosed 24 yrs after a 4yr. battle . I found this best for me a good laugh.


Ho ho, yes!! Same here! I DON'T drink, but I often feel a little strange when I'm out. I have T2 diabetes and sometimes feel a little 'iffy'. Once I had a low blood sugar and was laughing uncontrollably!! I was home, thankfully, but I'm sure my neighbour thought I was drunk!! I thought it was my age, but reading about you guys having the same experience I now know it's down to the fibro. I'm getting to feel like not going out much, I can't deal with large crowds. A few people; friends and family, are OK but I shy away from large groups of people. Does anyone else feel like this?? XXXX


Yep. Ive stopped going out as much as I can as I dont feel comfy in large groups or strange places. Fibro has gotten worse is main reason. Now Ive learnt to like my own company and do more arts and crafts when I can.teach myself something new all the time. Only ppl I see are my family. I got myself a smart phone so I could have the tinternet, so if I want to talk to ppl I can xx


I feel like this lot and I no longer drink alcohol due to meds. I sometimes feel disorientated on these days I'm usually very tired too. Hope this helps.


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