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Food aversion… is it a thing ?

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For the last couple of months I’d say, I have been going off of ‘normal’ food that I would normally otherwise love to eat. Never ever have I been a fussy eater and I always do home cooking from scratch for my boys. All I can seem to manage lately is unhealthy ‘junk’ food and that’s a couple of biscuits here and there and the odd pack of crisps. I feel like there’s something wrong with me. It’s making me more and more depressed and not helping energy levels.

Does anyone else have this or know if it’s a fibro thing ? I’m contacting the doctors next week but just wondering if it’s just me..

thank you 😊

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Hi, I've had fibro for 40yrs and never heard of it been part of fibro.

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Busymumma22 in reply to Dizzytwo

Thanks for your reply. Hoping I can get something for it

I sympathise. I have began to have exactly the same problem.I have no appetite, and when I feel I need to eat, there is nothing that

tempts me. I feel no pleasure when eating whatsoever. It has become

a chore in order to keep alive.

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Busymumma22 in reply to Arnika

Oh wow that is me in a nutshell !!

So relieved I’m not alone or going insane on my own.

I literally feel my mouth and throat feeling gaggy when I see or smell food and think about it too.

I am going to try plain rice maybe noodles or something as you said we need to keep ourselves alive ! I have 4 boys who have drained me over the half term week off. All I’ve managed to eat today so far is a couple of jammy dodgers and all I can drink is fizzy and the odd cup of tea.

Thanks for your reply

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Arnika in reply to Busymumma22

It is good toe hear that it is not "just me" with this problem, but I am sadthat you are going through this, especially as you have family to take care of, as well!

I have one more comment to add to the lack of appetite. Since I do not feel like eating

anything anyway, so I have decided to make what I do eat reasonably healthy to get maximum nutrients in small amount of food.

I do some smoothies with the Greek yoghurt as a base, to which I add either some fruit, or fruit juices. No cooking and drinking is easier than solid food.

I also make a very easy soup. I often use frozen vegetables, peas, broccoli, carrots, cabbage whatever combination you prefer - no peeling veggies, you see - add small piece of chicken plus stock cube and boil it all gently for about 15/20 min. then I liquidize it together with chicken meat add some salt and perhaps some herbs of choice with a little butter to serve. I make a bigger pot and freeze some in portions so it is ready for the next time reheating in microwave, when you cannot face food prep again.

But you have a big family, so you might need a bigger pot. My family loves this soup, when they visit BTW. You can of course use fresh vegetables, if you prefer, but this version is more quick. Lazy, you see. This illness has made me sooooo lazy. At least I know this is what many people think I am sure, because I "do nothing" these days.

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Noob35 in reply to Arnika

Fibro means you do nothing. It's not like it's a choice. You almost have to accept it so you can be OK about it. Xx

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Elaine200756 in reply to Noob35

Hi Noob, I think acceptance is the key 💕

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Busymumma22 in reply to Arnika

Thank you, I’ve a nice big casserole dish!

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Elaine200756 in reply to Arnika

Brilliant! People think I'm lazy too, so I'm in good company 💕

Same here Busymum, no appetite and sometimes eat a packet of crisps or chocolate instead of lunch. Routinely miss breakfast and/or lunch. My husband asks what we need for shopping for meals for the week and I just have to say, I don't know. I don't have any appetite for food 🤔 🤗

I have the same problem. Little to no appetite so don't fancy meals. Also I'm nauseous a lot so that doesn't help! But I do snack. Crisps and fruit are easy so I usually choose those. It must be a fibro thing as I was never this bad before. Xx

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Busymumma22 in reply to Noob35

Thank you for your reply. Family think I am making a big deal but it’s not me it’s the condition. So hard to make others understand x

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Fibrofog in reply to Busymumma22

Just show them these messages, then they know that your not making a fuss, as other people are having the same symptoms x

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Elaine200756 in reply to Noob35

Me too Noob 🤗

I stopped trying to help people understand. They don't and to some degree can't. Fibro is like a suffer in silence kind of illness in that respect. I haven't eaten all day. Just ate half a garlic bread leftover from kids dinner. Will try and cook later! Xx

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Busymumma22 in reply to Noob35

Bless you, I just had a couple of choc biscuits. I’ve also just finished making the boys tea so that is now on the hob and I can rest a little. I’m struggling with my boys dad who despite me literally unable to leave the sofa sometimes, comes up to me and yells ‘you have 4 children to look after so you have to learn to live with it, if there’s nothing they can give you then it’s tough.. I can’t do everything’ and I’m confused because I’m actually the one who still does everything 😂😭xx

Bless you too. I understand how you feel although my situation is different. Had it for 40 years, but only diagnosed 13 years ago. Neither my husband nor two children, or my mother even , ever acknowledged there was anything wrong with me. As you know we tend not look ill! I tried not to complain, which is counter productive, worked full time but had lots of migraines /shoulder/neck and back issues, added to that constant abdominal pain, put down to IBS. It has obviously got worse as I am now almost 80, but things haven't changed with my now grown up family. They play lip service if I do say anything but show more concern for their father. But to be honest we don't see much of them anyway. My husband is now more aware, but that in itself is a joke as he has worsening dementia, COPD, can hardly walk, is deaf plus other health problems and I am now his carer; as I was for my mother for thirteen years before she died, 13 years ago. My husband is not cruel but can do very little, which he refuses to acknowledge a lot of the time, which causes issues, and that situation is getting worse. We row a lot because he is constantly questioning everything and anything I do, and repeatedly asking the same questions about everything; time, appointments, whether we are going out, etc. and so it goes on. He is also awkward and argues with me when he says he is going to do something and doesn't and I ask him about it. We can't have proper conversations as he remembers practically nothing of our earlier life, work, holidays, etc. but he does still know who we are although he does forget names. He shows concern when I am really not well, but the cynic in me thinks its because he knows he now does need me. Which is sad. Life definitely is not easy. My mum used to say there is always someone worse off than you , and I know she is right, but it is small comfort. Sorry if I have ranted but it might be a small comfort to know you are not alone with your problems. Try to stay positive and take care. xx

Thank you 🙏.xx

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Elaine200756 in reply to Noob35

Sending you a big hug 😢


Hope you don’t mind me saying that unhealthy food such crisps, donuts have adverse effect on fibromyalgia.

In my experience gluten, sugar, red meat give me extra brain fog. I tend to avoid these instead I eat them as a treat, plant based diet is good for fibromyalgia and some fasting.

Well, Im guilty as charged. TodayI had a cheese cake 🍰 from M&S and I’m paying for it now. 🤫🤔😏

I’d say at least eat once a day meal such as organic wild Salmon with organic pasta 🥀🥀goes a long way.

I also every now and then do hot yoga, but if I do it is 3 times a week 🧘🏽‍♀️🪴🥀

Can you see? My sentences are all over the place, fibromyalgia pain reduced me to a shell 🥲

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Busymumma22 in reply to Painny

Thank you so much, I have read somewhere that junk foods and sugary foods are bad and yep my diet is horrendous. I need to change and find the strength to do this. However this evening I managed to eat some plain pasta with a smidge of grated cheese and it’s actually mad how much more energy I have, who knows maybe I’ll be up late doing the laundry 😂 he he xx

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Painny in reply to Busymumma22

Hahaha….well done 👍 keep doing it, great sense of humour you have 🤣

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Elaine200756 in reply to Painny

Thank you, I have read several things that recommend plant based diet. It's difficult as my husband says he won't eat plant based food and I am unable to provide different kinds of diet at the same time 🕊️

I have very little appetite too. Most days I don't feel well enough to cook etc. I think it's the constant nausea.

It’s a rough feeling, I get headaches like no other and the light headed dizzy feeling. Also noise makes me feel pain which is bad luck for me with 4 boys in the house!! I sometimes put my headphones on to drown out some of the noise and I find my music de stresses me x

I’m the same, can not get excited about food. I eat very little but I’m still fat 🙁

Same here,was always on the go so had a healthy appetite but since fibro I have no appetite,eat less than a toddler but my weight has ballooned,maybe some of it down to my small intestine and transverse colon being irradiated during cancer treatment but even allowing for that plus diverticulosis and ibs my appetite is nil. Never mind, we do what we can when we can with what we got is my new motto! You take care of yourself and try to get your partner to read some of your feedback, because none of us ever wanted to be like this xx

Thank you and bless you and take care x

Yes I have the same thing, I don't always want hot food. Which I've put down to, either IBS. Or the fibro x

Just a thought. Some meds have a side effect, causing you to gain or lose weight.

Your body needs calories to thrive. It has its own wisdom, and will get you to eat somehow, whether it's biscuits or mashed yeast. Guess which one's easier to get down when you're too stressed to eat a meal.

I find the smell of food cooking makes me feel sick and puts me right off then I don’t want to eat it! When I do force myself I have a few mouthfuls and am then not hungry. Later I’ll want crisps or fruit and cheese! It’s just me so luckily I don’t have to cook for anyone! Went to a family bbq yesterday and had to leave as I felt so sick smelling the food and charcoal etc and couldn’t swallow the chicken I forced myself to eat! Thought it was my meds but maybe it is another fibro thing! There are just so many these days 😩 anyway you are certainly not alone xx

Hi there. Another one in the club. I have realised over the last few years my appetite has changed. I never used to be a foody, plus I used to smoke years ago which probably suppressed my appetite somewhat. I never used to be a sweet person but now I find myself eating things like ice cream and buying sweets and chocolate when I go to the shops. Also having fried food, fish and chips, bacon and eggs. Things I actually fancy. We always have a cooked lunch, like stews, roasts, and sausages or liver with mash, etc. and we also like salads and jacket potatoes, but as you say some days I really don't feel I want anything. I feel so bloated, stuffed and and vaguely nauseas so I tend to pick and graze unhealthy stuff. It could be down to my IBS/colitis/constipation/bloating which also seems to be blamed on fibro. I have also put on two stone over the last 20 years which doesn't help my mental well being. I have even momentarily contemplated starting smoking again, because I thought stopping would help but it hasn't, things are far worse now, but apart from anything else I couldn't afford it. I get really scared from the pain particularly when it wakes me in the night, but after 40 years I still have no answers there is no choice but to soldier on! Hope you get you problem resolved. You are so right this site is a blessing!

Hi I've had samevproblem since April 2020 when I caught covid and total loss of smell and taste and food became only to live and because couldn't taste didn't go to trouble off cooking anything so ate easy stuff odd sandwich crisps. Still now have very limited taste and smell and always if possible to smell food smells off or un apertiseing had blood tests etc and now diabetic so food has to be important and only good stuff . So the joy of eating meals with family has gone and I make excuses as can't eat certain food I used to enjoy

That’s not fair for you. My mum and dad are worried that I’ll become diabetic and then that stress makes me flare! What a wonderful viscous circle it becomes. How are you managing the diabetes? Are you able to eat a few things with any joy ? do you have a strict regime?

Bless you and take care of yourself. One thing I have learned from this site is people saying to look after ‘you’ , who knows maybe I’ll try it sometime x

Thank you for your reply going to doctors next week to sort meds as for eating I've started having diabetic meal shake morning as drinking easier but as to food anything I enjoyed a no go or simple things I used to enjoy beans on toast with bit of cheese is not good for blood sugar . It's depressing on top of fibro and arthritis also diabetes now so rattle a bit and to top it this year I've started getting terrible hayfever trouble breathing streaming eyes and nose like a tap lol but I wrote to empathise with you not to moan so sorry

Thank you 😊 I was scared that I may come across all me me me

Not at all and I've respect as by your Monica you have children to cope with mine are grown and I've grandchildren I used to enjoy going to breakfast with son and grandchildren but now can't seem to get out of funk . Hope you find a solution and take care I've found this site a amazing help to vent sometimes but mostly I read similar situations and try tips to help

Thank you so much, I appreciate you taking time to listen to me. Now I can start my day with a positive 😊

I’ve been pretty ill, don’t know if part of it is fibromyalgia but joined the group for tips and support.You can’t fir e yourself to eat when it makes you gag. Think of something you would like to eat and make a healthier version. Eg fancy chocolate, make a chocolate mouse with eggs. Smoothies as suggested below are a good idea as you can put anything in that you fancy and sip intermittently. Also I’ve just had a virus (nothing too severe) I went off my good big style and became really picky. I went with it and gradually reintroduced foods I could eat. I’m still not wiled about fish (which I used to eat happily) but otherwise have returned to a normal diet. Do see you doctor fir a wee check up and some support and understanding (hopefully!)

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Busymumma22 in reply to Chest1

Thank you 😊

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Busymumma22 in reply to Chest1

Going to get some ingredients tomorrow for smoothies, I have a blender so that’s great. I will buy some fruit, and natural or Greek yoghurt and I had better make a list else I’ll forget when I’m there! I often find myself roaming the isles in the shop like a zombie… 😂 thinking what on earth I need and then I even forget to check my phone for my list 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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Noob35 in reply to Busymumma22

Lists are my life. I wud get nothing done without them xx

Your body needs protein in order to make amino acids which build the hormones which regulate pain levels. I remember standing in front of an open fridge and gagging. Eventually I got round to drinking tomato juice and then built up to warming this, then heating it with a drop of milk and 2 beaten eggs and a splodge of olive oil. It's REALLY quick and tasty and has a lot of protein. I also take a full-spectrum amino acid supplement every day as I still can't eat the amount of protein my body needs.I'm not sure it's part of fibro, but it seems linked to my energy/stress levels and fibro certainly doesn't help there! Good luck and healing hugs, dee

Thank you 😊

I take amino acids too and they are really helpful, along with a good multi vit/mineral. I noticed with covid that I went right off some foods that I usually enjoy and craved others which I usually don't (like meat). Not been aware of it being a fibro thing, but have had it for so long I can't remember. Certainly felt better once I started eating all homemade and quit the gluten and dairy. Best wishes

Yes, it has happened to me often when I was younger. You feel hungry but nothing you look at lights your appetite. And yes the appetite levels fall and fatigue sets in and soon mood slumps. For me it always led to anxiety because my weight would plummet. It hasn't happened in the last five years though.

Hi.... I can identify with that. The problem is that if you give in to the 'snack type foods' they won't do you much good.... if anything, it'll just give you a quick 'sugar rush' . Do try to eat as well as you can afford to and make sure you get a balanced diet as fibro can deplete certain vits more than others because of the pain... esp magnesium..

If anything, have smaller portions but include plenty of veg & fruit more often and less of the carbs.. By all means have the occasional treat.

Oh my goodness yes me for past 18 months x

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Busymumma22 in reply to ChocNana

Just shared some home made lasagne with my toddler. If he sees me eating bad habits I worry he’ll copy. So we shared some food together, it wasn’t too bad for me but I just feel a sicky feeling in my mouth after having anything other than chocolate biscuits 😳x

Just don’t know what’s going on nor do my docs one said it’s lockdown it affected lots of people so just don’t know 🤷‍♀️

This also sounds just like me. I have some weeks when I have an appetite and know that if I continue I will put on weight then I always go into reverse and can't eat much. I then eat all the wrong things as I don't fancy anything else. Thought it was just me. People say I am lucky to keep a slim figure. They have no idea just how bad I feel a lot of the time. As you say, our particular illness is invisible.

I walk 2 1/2 - 3 hours a day and I feel so fatigued most of the time probably because of my diet it is a vicious circle and I want to get off now! My weight yo up’s because when it’s the school hols or weekends I try to rest more then I snack on the junk that I fancy and I got my summer wardrobe ready and I’m needing to lose a few pounds and I know it sounds petty, but it causes more stress and more anxiety and round and around we go!! Lucky i still have my sense of humour! x

I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 and put into isolation on the same day in March 2020, I have had to form my own diet, slowly, I learnt the amount of absolute cr## people are eating, I had to adapt to survive, a diabetes health book helped, but even the 'stuff' they recommended🙃🙄 I am a qualified cook, [1982] but never was able to use my qualifications due to my continuing bad health! In this time, tv ads do not help, junk food, obviously out, I have pancreatitis which does not help either, the choice of what I would term 'foreign' food now becoming readily available, must not help the ordinary person and in reality it cannot help their general health. Almost fighting the whole culinary system, I like basic food, I am struggling to find healthy alternatives, I like yourself Busymumma22 am getting more depressed in doing so, the urge to buy junk food😤 unbearable! At present using fruit as snacks, having a 7 ft fridge/freezer considerably helps this, I live on my own, but not really realistic for most people? [IT DOES NOT HELP THOSE HUNGER PANGS, no matter how healthy or unhealthy those 'snacks' are!] My sister lives around the corner, I used to readily accept a meal with her but now her son has moved back in with her, frankly I've found my home made diets are a little better than hers, her son likes bringing in obscure food with strong tastes, [the stronger the better he thinks?🥴] I am fooling myself thinking my snacks cannot be doing me any harm as they as so 'healthy'🙄 but I still want those hunger gappers!🥴

Hi! I seem to collect various disabilities and health problems but with fibro came a distinct like/dislike of various foods. I think heightened senses have made such a difference to my taste/smell. (I do have RD with Secondary Sjögren’s syndrome too which doesn’t help). First, I went off tea which I’d drunk by the gallon for 50 years. I could only drink coffee, then went off instant. I now drink cold pressed coffee with oat milk. I can’t drink anything alcoholic or fizzy, just one particular 😇coconut water and very, very diluted cider vinegar with pomegranate and blueberry!! (Don’t tell my dentist 😂). I used to be a reasonable cook but my husband has taken over now. My breakfast is green sludge smoothie because I can then get the greens I need in one hit (even that has to have t couple of teaspoons of cider vinegar in it or it’s too sweet). My husband makes sourdough bread for himself and our son, DIL and triplets but I can’t eat it because it smells like sick to me. Also, the cooking is done at a high temperature which burns my nose! 😂. I rarely eat bread but bland pasta, noodles, rice or a jacket potato with cheese is fine. Salad is fine as long as it has pickled beetroot or cabbage with it. Smells really do put me off food but after having a sweet tooth all my life, it’s just gone! I can’t eat sweets, biscuits or cakes. I should have lost weight because I don’t eat much but due to ME/CFS I sleep for England and have to rely on a wheelchair if I ever go out. So yes, I definitely agree that your change in taste maybe connected to fibro as it coincided with mine too. It’s hard to stick to a healthy diet but husband does make a lot of healthy soups/stews in the slow cooker with very little meat but used beans and pulses. The grandchildren love it and it’s very filling but they eat it with ‘Grandad Bread’ 🤢 😂. Take care. Nic xx

I find if I start the day with sweet stuff, it's hard to want savouries all day. And when I do want to eat, I feel more like snacking on more sweet stuff and junk. So even though it's hard, it's best to limit the rubbish. Junk does very little to keep us healthy. Sadly, for me, and many folks, junk is extremely addictive, and it just doesnt seem to 'go' with normal healthy food. I've met so many older ladies who end up living almost exclusively on Tea and biscuits. No longer a family or husband to cook for, they live by the biscuit tin. Then when offered a proper meal, they find they can't manage it.

I have a tummy issue that means eating normal 'healthy' food is difficult and sometimes impossible. If I have too much fibre or hard to digest food, (too much isn't much either !) it just ferments in my tum. It means even though I've eaten and now feel full (for hours) I also still feel need to eat for energy. Weird huh? So eating some chocolate or honey after, gives me that boost for my blood sugar, but in turn, feeds my addiction to sweet stuff.

I love my fruits and veggies, but sadly must carefully restrict myself else my tum stops working. It's tricky getting the balance.

Don't forget carbonated drinks will fill you up, meaning you may not feel like a proper meal. I'd suggest for your fibro health, cut the fizzy entirely. Drink water instead which will keep you hydrated, while not continuing to feed your sugar/sweet addiction. Also try to remember what foods you used to enjoy and add more of these.

The longer you eat junk, the harder the habit is to break. If you make a habit of healthy, you will eventually find the junk is no longer appealing. It will taste like junk!

We fibros do seem to need to take care with our diets to get enough nutrients to help repair our bodies. Lots of folks supplement (expensive!) in order to help this but eating a balanced diet is obviously the best way.

I do understand that food and appetite is a very snaggy complicated issue. we want to eat what we fancy. However we often forget we are eating for trillions not just ourselves. All day, our gut bacteria comunicate to us. Like children, the loudests ones are ususally the naughty ones. (I WANT BISCUITS!) And like indulgent parents, we tend give in to them to keep them quiet/happy. However, just like children the more we pander to them, the stronger and louder they get, and the harder it is to hear the good ones, whispering quietly, or indeed, just vainly hoping you will remember that they (like you used to maybe?) like sprouts and turnips. Bless!

If you thought the reason you were wanting junk is because your bad gut bacteria was out of balance, would it give you more resolve to address the balance? Would you makemore effort to feed your good bacteria some healthy veg etc? And Maybe supplement from time to time with Probiotics, to ensure the good always outnumber the bad?

Just some thoughts to ponder?

Only since I caught covid in the first April it hit us before jabs and tests . I have had to be careful due to ibs which I have since a teen but it was well controlled. I lost my smell and taste after covid even now2 years on everything tastes slightly off . Even cooking with spices I get wheezy and breathless .

I totally get food aversion, when i'm too tired my body craves junk food. It makes sense as it is pre processed so easier/quicker to digest. But it's a short sharp energy burst that leaves me more drained when I get a crash. If I crave something sweet like ice cream I try to eat it with a whole food meal, like wholemeal rice & beans because I hope that it will balanace out the sugar crash and give me some slow release energy to fall back on & stop me entering another junk food cycle. If I have no appetite I do let myself eat treats to get me started. Sometimes I literally have to force myself to eat. I'm not expecting you to answer here but if you have trauma in your history, some nervous system responses can cause your rest and digest functions to stop incl appetite. I struggle with this alot so tracking your state might be a helpful tool, this chart is helpful for me:

I suspected I had fibro 8 years ago when I had a breakdown and was bedridden for 3 years. Going plant based/eatting whole foods has basically got me from being bedridden to able to do most things albeit slower pace than those without fibro. But if I keep the inflammation down and do my physio I can keep my pain at a livable level. I started slow on the junk food transistion and worked my way to a healthier diet. Batch cooking in the instant pot has been a God send as I have healthy food in the freezer for bad days.

Thank you so much for your reply. This is such good information and very helpful thank you again 😊

Hi I haven't eaten anything for at least the last 3 months apart from recently half the filling from a sandwich, I didn't fancy it but thought I'd try 2 see if I felt any different if I'd been by myself I would have binned it as it immediately made me feel physically sick, as soon as I think about food I feel sick..I'm waiting 2 see my dietician who put me on Fortisip drinks , I even bought some food but as I was trying to put stuff away I felt so physically sick I binned the majority of what I'd bought & put a couple of bits in my freezer in case this Food Adversion past ..I'm still waiting, sendin u caring thoughts x

Thank you, it’s a small comfort to know that I’m not alone.. and not going insane, it is a thing. I thought I had something wrong with me. I have 6 people to cook for and the shopping is becoming harder because I don’t fancy anything and the look of it makes me feel physically sick in my throat and mouth. I can only manage chocolate, fizzy drinks and crisps.. a recipe for diabetes 😩😭 but what can we do. I have to stay alive but can’t even stomach an orange segment yet I can eat a terrys chocolate orange! 😂🤦‍♀️ you take care x

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