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Is it just fibro ?? I ask myself ;(

My first blog so please be gentle with me ;)

I was diagnosed 2 and a half years ago as my body felt like I had been run over by a truck;(

The doctor straight away said it was fibro and started prescribing me lots of meds .. Before the meds the symptoms where so bad that if I laid in bed for more than an hour my body froze and the pain kept me awake most of the night.

I was a very active person and had my own coffee shop so was always on my feet, this illness came out of no where and has slowly taken everything from me ;(

The doctors blame everything on my fibro and sometimes I feel ( what if it is something worse or something they are missing)

My meds are as follows Tramadol 2 x 50mg 4 x a day, Naproxen 1 x 250mg 4 x a day, Pregabalin 2 x 150 mg morning then again at bedtime, Citalopram 1 x 40mg a day, Mst Morphine 15mg morning and evening , oralmorphine when pain is really bad, oh not forgetting the amitriptyline at bedtime ;(

I have put on 3 stone in weight since taking meds and all the doctor said was she could put me forward for free slimming world ;( I know how to eat healthier ;(

I am at my wits end the pain in my legs is like my muscles are about to burst out my skin and the ache in my bones is like someone stabbing me with a knife.

I do not want to sit in a group and moan about it I just want to be put out of this pain ;(

Yes I am very depressed as cant get DLA and I'm on the sick from work and they r getting annoyed with me.

Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted

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Thats alot of meds, have you thought about asking for a meds review?...i know what you mean though about thinking something is being missed..I have loads of throat/breathing trouble and feeling like a lump in it...doc thinks its anxiety but I don't and its very real to me...I have had an awful night and due to go to docs today however not sure how I am going to get there yet as my body seems in slow mode and have been up half the night too...I'm full of cold which isn't helping. I have the bone pain too which is awful though the adcol did help with that and I now have to take it indefinetly.

when I see my doc today I'm going to tell him I feel like coming off all meds as I am sick of taking so many things that seem to just be a trial and error and then a change to something else for the same....Have even thought of contacting embarrassing bodies in the hope that they may be able to help sort me where my my own docs can't.

I rang hospital medicine when I wasn't happy re a drug and they looked at all my meds to see if there was anything that could be altered and the adcol was altered to Soya free and now I am not getting the urticaria...I knew I was having a reaction and needed it sorted. The hospital medicine people were great and that may be worth a try.

I have so far not had sick time from work however have only felt well for 1-2 days since may which is mad and i feel at a loss with myself too and totally know where you are coming from.


Hello foxyshar,

I'm sorry you are feeling so ill, but like mumof5 I am astonished at the amount of medication you have been prescribed ... I am surprised that you can move at all, and not at all surprised that you have had a weight gain.

Has your GP referred you to a rheumatologist? If not, I suggest that you insist that he does.

Although you probably do have fibro, I think that proper investigations should be carried out to ensure that there are no other underlying causes for your problems.

Please do go back to your GP and take control ... insist that you are referred for proper investigations and appropriate pain relief - it's distressing that you are taking all those pills and still suffering!

I am afraid that tho' most GPs are kind and competent people, there seem to be a minority who are rather off-hand and dismissive of pain that has no immediately obvious cause.

Just remember that we, the public, pay GP's salaries, and are entitled to proper use of their time and skill. Ask for an emergency referral and don't be put off!

I do hope that you see an improvement soon.

Kind regards ... Moffy x


Thanks mumo5 and Moffy I will certainly try some of your suggestions have doctors tomorrow so will insist I get referred.

Xx Foxyshar


Hello and welcome to blogging Foxyshar, it's great to have you with us! :)

Bless your heart, you have got a lot on your plate right now, a lot to deal with with your work on top! My gut feeling is that perhaps you should speak to your GP and request a referral to a Rheumatologist where your entire case can be discussed, your medical history, all your symptoms today, you would have a full meds review. You are taking a monumental amount of meds, pain relief etc. If these aren't working and helping you manage your symptoms and pain then they aren't right for you.

I know it takes tremendous effort to go and see your GP when you feel exhausted and worn down, but in the long run you will feel better for it. Something needs to happen to help you, you aren't getting the help and management you need.

We reach a point where we can be pumped so full of meds we don't know what day of the week it is, we aren't getting enough rest, our pain rockets - this is the point where we have to be proactive and see our GP. If we don't make ourselves heard, our GP's will think we are ok with the current set-up when of course you poor thing you aren't ok at all.

Please see your GP as soon as you feel able to, we care about you and we fully understand how you feel. If there is anything at all that we can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask, we are only too happy to help where we are able to.

Bless you heart, take care. Here's a hug for you (((hug))) xx

Please let us know how you get on. :)


Hi Foxyshar

Aw I know how you feel-on a lot of medication too and I too have had the thought-could it be something else??.

I was diagnosed over 10 yrs ago and it took over 3 years of fighting & seeing numerous doctors & specialists before finally getting the diagnosis .One doctor told me he had never heard of anything like it -duh!! I really feel for you.

I have new symptoms nearly every week and I m thinking it may not all be down to the Fibro- I do have other ailments too. I think its easy to put symptoms down to Fibro and you must keep badgering the doctor just to be sure.

I ve tired so many medications over the years and am the first to try anything that may help - am on 3 sets of pain meds at mo and dont ask how many anti d ive tired. Some the same as you too

Ive also put on a really obscene amount of weight but thought it was worth a try but now having trouble breathing.

If all the meds are getting you down try explaining to your doctor the side effects are having on you, in time you may find a regime of meds that work with less side effect -it all a bit trial & error Im afraid.

Best wishes & hope you get the meds sorted lol


Thanks to you all ;') I have been really bad today so very emotional.

Every time I say how I feel to my doctor she always says what do you think it could be ... Which then makes me feel like I am making things up .. My answer is I don't know you are the doctor.

My pain in my legs is real and no none of my meds touch the pain, the pain is deep to the bone I rub the area and the pain intensifies ;'(

It feels like I have fallen down the stairs.

I don't like moaning about this but feel I needed to talk to people who suffer the same as I do.

Thanks for all your replies x


It's our pleasure Foxy! Great to have you here with us, we are here for you at all times! :) xx (((hug)))


Hi foxyshar

Sorry to hear you are having a bad day today - have you ever been prescribed Gabapentin? its an anti epilepsy med but can also be used for chronic pain. My doctor prescribed it to me about 3 weeks ago and have found it does take the edge of that deep bone pain.

I failed my esa tribunal today so been very upset today too, am now back in the new claim for Esa circle again. More months of stress.

It does really help knowing you are not alone if you,re having an emotional day - Ive had my winge and am getting back in the fighting & angry mode lol.

Does a warm bath help your pain? I find it helps but once Ive cooled down the pain comes back with a vengeance.

Someday,s I feel like Ive been run over by a bus and its really hard to convey how much pain you are in.

That,s why I think places like here are such a great help - people who are going throught the same and can sympathize & hopefully help through the frustration.

Luv n hugs hun xxxxx


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