Is it just me?

I think I am getting a Fibro attack. I know because of my neck and migraine pain and general soreness. It's only been 3 weeks since I was diagnosed. These symptoms start at night. Every morning I wake up with severe headache, neck pain and dizziness. My feet are so sore just to stand up. Is this common with Fibro? Does anyone else seem to suffer from this reoccurring pain?

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  • I am sorry you have fibro. I have had it for 15yrs over the years it has caused pain all over my body. In all those years I am still finding more things wrong with me. The latest thing to happen is depression and anxiety. With out the help from the pain management team at my local hospital. I would not be able to cope. With fibro you will need as much help as you can. But as for giving any good news I'm afraid there is none. But good luck. I hope you get the help you need.

  • Fortunately I do not get the migraine pain but neck and feet yes...most of the time! Sorry I cannot be more helpful but have you discussed these symptoms with your GP? He may be able to help....Best of luck xx

  • Hi lookingforme- I have been told this kind of migraine is caused by the muscles up the back of your neck that separate into a "V" into your head, its is a form of fibro pain, I have been given Sumatriptin for this with good effect- yes, I woke up with this type of pain and on one occasion admitted to hospital! You can learn to control the pain by your sleeping position, I have a down pillow which I drag either side of my neck and place head in the "u" . Try not to drop your neck too much e.g when walking I always looked at the floor, using a pc/tablet make the screen level with my face, wash hair under shower tipping head back and not forward, this avoids pulling those weak muscles.. I hope it works for you.

  • Hi looking4me sorry your in pain..I'm afraid all the things you mention are on the list of Fibro symptoms but everyone is effected so differently & some people have it more severe than others & as you know, migraine can be the symptoms for many other things. I do also have arthritis and nerve damage.

    I can quite often be like this, not being able to walk to the bathroom in the morning because its like I can be walking on nails & I almost constantly have pain around my neck, shoulder, which even spreads to my ear & i have earache.. I also have same pain in my hands sometimes, same as feet..I'll go to grab a handle for instance, maybe even a knife to eat & this pressure give me same pains.

    So without going on to much, it is normal to have the reoccurring pain..

    I hope you soon feel better ☺

    Sending Luv

    Jan xx

  • Hi Jane28

    Thanks you soo much ....You've just made me laugh out loud....I too feel like I'm walking on nails first thing in the morning, gradually improves a bit as the day goes on then reaches a point where it starts to get worse again. Has been bad for a few weeks now...

    If I can manage it I try and massage my feet and put lots of body lotion on then a plastic bag and socks ( I live alone!) so at least not as dry and cracked as they were and at least feel temporarily soothed.

  • Yep sounds same as me..yes i have to also apply lots of lotion on feet & i use pure coconut oil for rest of body otherwise my legs look like snakes shedding their skin arms get really dry also. If its not one thing its another..moan moan hahaha i hope you are feeling somewhat better & have a nice pain free wkend.

    Luv Jan x

  • Thank you

    Thanks .

    Off to see Fiddler on the roof tomorrow afternoon...pure escapism...humming the tunes already!

  • Ooooo lovely, one of my fav's.

    Hav a lovely time x

    You got me off now haha

  • I have very dry itchy skin it's awful. I only have shower and turn it really low and the water hitting me causes discomfort, social work took my bath out and gave me wet room but I felt better relaxing in bath.don't even know what shower gel to use as they all make me itchy.x

  • NurseGladys123 might have hit the nail on the head as I was thinking it could be neck problems. Alot of us also have osteo arthritis and any degeneration of the bones of the neck can cause this sort of symptoms. My friend is suffering exactly the same as you and she doesn't have fibro but has arthritis in her neck. Fibro unfortunately can also cause headaches and dizziness which can be more pronounced in the morning. hope it clears up for you sometimes we have different sets of symptoms different days as fibro is such a strange beast.x

  • Hi looking4me

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I am exactly the same as NurseGladys123 and my consultant gave me Sumatriptan for the migraines. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • You just described my last 2 days. I have noticed when that starts the taste buds in my mouth become ultra sensitive. When I'm not having a flare-up my taste buds seem to go on a vacation.

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