Hoorah and definately not Hoorah

Hoorah and definately not Hoorah

I live very close to Axminster in Devon and the town has taken a real bashing recently with the loss of 300 jobs at the carpet factory, but I've just heard that a groups has been put together and has saved the company and together another 100 jobs. Axminster has been like a ghost town for the last few weeks and everyone now must be very much relieved......HOORAH !!!!

Now for the bad news.......and that is that the Ghastly Grand National is to go ahead this afternoon, despite the fact that two horses were killed yesterday in the pre-runner over the National course.........I am so angry and really wish that an end could be out to this absolute torture of horses. They have said they've made the jumps more "horse friendly" .........which clearly isn't the case. There are not many things that make me angry, I'm not the angry sort, but this makes my blood boil.

Yours very very crossly. Foggy x

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  • My OH has actually given in and agreed with us foggs that it should be banned... I have either converted him or brainwashed him into it....

    I am so glad the carpet factory has been saved if on a smaller scale.... You know though that letting on you live there your physio and OT will be descending on your home with a loom and getting you weaving carpet as part of your therapy...... Can I have a brown carpet for my hall please I will get OH to measure it when he arrives home....


    VG x

  • Do get him to VG, there is an outlet shop so can get some very good deals, I could sort it for you :-)

    Glad that you've converted him, I do hope you don't have to suffer him watching though :-(

    Foggy x

  • The only time I shall ever watch the grand national is if the jockeys run with the horses on their backs... See how they like it.....


  • Now that is a brilliant idea. And the horses could use their whips on the jockeys.


  • I totally agree with you!

  • Yeyyyy, that sounds like my kind of horse race - don't forget to give whips to the horses - see how the jockeys like that :D

  • It's certainly a cruel race - my brother believes that they put in horses who have no chance of winning anything, so that they can fall at the fences and be put down, thus bringing in insurance money. So wicked and unnecessary!

    Oh, Foggie - I'll have a cream carpet for my lounge, please! So glad to hear the news about the famous carpet factory. :)

    Moffy x

  • I'll put an order in immediately Moffy..... :D

    Foggy x

  • If it was not for racing, who would look after these horses? Racing is the lesser of two evils I think.

  • They wouldn't be born, so the horses wouldn't need looking after !! They are bred to race so quod erat demonstrandum. Foggy x

  • Here,here! x

  • There is only the demand for all these horses to be bred unscrupulously because of the horse racing industry, i do not deny that many thoroughbreds are indeed well cared for etc however the jumping season should be banned,the grand national especially,it is cruel plain and simple! i have been to a jump race meeting and it was the very first race and the first jump and this beautiful filly jumped and sadly fell and snapped her leg,within minutes she was shot! it was the most horrendous experience something i never wish to witness ever again,it was 10 years ago yet as i write about it tis as if it only happened yesterday,i think about her often.

  • They don't have to do jumps , they can race on the flat with no jockeys that's ok ...

  • Maybe they could do it rather like greyhound racing, where they are chasing a lure, in the horses case methinks the proverbial carrot on a stick could be used to entice them ! Hehehe. :D

    Foggy x

  • Yes ban the grand national i say,i don't mind flat racing so much but the jumps,absolutely not! In fact the whole industry is appalling animals deserve so much more than what they get in this horrible cruel world x

  • I'm in total agreement della , like you I don't mind the flat racing so much, but think they need really tight regulations on use of the whip, infact I'd be happy if they didn't allow the whip at all.

    Foggy x

  • The whip must be banned under all circumstances!!!! xxx

  • \Perhaps we should eat them!

  • The jockeys???? Well that would stop them riding the horses.......

  • Shepherd pie I like - Jockey pie - I'm not so sure! :O

  • Hehehe ....the Shepherds must be less tough than he jockeys......;-)

  • So long as you remember to remove the boots! :O

  • We could use the whips as whisks to stir the ingredients

  • Well seeing as the horses have been bred and they are here now, I still say racing is the lesser of two evils. Its not like you can breed horses in a garden shed, "to be bred unscrupulously" like dogs or cats. Its the people who make pies you want to keep them away from.

    With the exception of accidents which are rare, I think horses have a great life, a top race horse lives in real luxury, has no CT to pay, no ATOS medicals, no going cap in hand to the DWP. Being a race horse is not a bad life all round. :)

  • I completely disagree with you,and horses are bred unscrupulously as are dogs and cats!

  • I'm sorry but I completely disagree with you on this. I have no problem with non thoroughbred horses who give so much fun to many people.You could drop the breeding of thoroughbreds without any problems. I take issue too with the comment about being the lesser of the two evils, could you explain that to me, as I can't grasp what you mean,

    I also fail to see how you can compare the way horses are treated with what is going on with the welfare changes..........there is no connection in any way with that !! Foggy

  • More people have died at the hands of ATOS since it was formed than horses have died in the history Grand National. Sick people on benefits are actually treated worse than animals, but I don't see anyone jumping on that band wagon.

    The lesser of two evils means one option is bad, but not as bad as the other option. Take your pick between racing and not racing. Who is going to look after redundant race horses?

  • Your point is utterly ridiculous!!!!!! Many many more animals die at the hands of human beings!

  • What are you talking about now, pets or farm animals?

  • All animals! I was a veterinary nurse so i know what I'm talking about.There is no actual law in place to protect animals and put the horrible people who commit the most horrendous crimes against them in prison for a long time,i knew a dog that had literally been starved to death,even the post mortem showed the poor thing didn't even have a drop of water in it's stomach! The people that should have loved and cared for him didn't even get a custodial sentence! There are many horses found emaciated and extremely badly treated they get NO justice!

  • Obviously you have never heard of the Animal Welfare Act! Its only around 200 years old, even before the Welfare Act, UK law made it illegal to beat or kick an animal. Some people get locked up, some don't. You need to have a word with the judiciary about that one.

  • How very condescending of you!!! Of course i have heard of the welfare act,but that doesn't go far enough to protect animals from harm just look at the statistics,i am no longer going to discuss this with you as we are not singing from the same songsheet! Animals are my life they are precious.

  • You said, and I quote "there is no actual law in place to protect animals". I pointed out the UK has laws to protect animals, more laws the most countries I would say, how is that condescending?

    Of course I am not going to sing from the same hymn sheet as someone who makes totally inaccurate statements. I prefer to stick to the facts, whether I like them or not.

  • It isn't inaccurate go away you horrible person!

  • And you are not barking, are you. So I will leave it at that.

  • I have Bi polar so if you wish to discriminate and single me out fill your boots!

  • There is currently an E petition to try and get the government to put a LAW into place that will mean animals get the same rights as humans when they are murdered,yes murdered!! As i can't advertise this petition perhaps you can research yourself and find it,if there was already a law in place that offered animals the justice they deserve then there would be no need for a petition now would there!.

  • If you add the words "and benefit claimants murdered at the hands of ATOS" to your petition, you can post it on here.

  • There are many people 'jumping on' the fight against Atos bandwagon, but animals have no-one to speak up for them. However I find your correlation totally meaningless. Are you saying that if we support horse racing, Atos will leave us all alone? No, I didn't think so. Neither will stopping horse racing and other cruelty against animals mean more people are subject to the harsh regime of Atos. As I said 'No correlation'

  • Actually there are more animal rights groups, organisations and charities, rescue centres, dogs and cats homes, you name it, than any other group I can think of. So your assertion that there is no one to speak for animals is totally wrong. It was animal rights groups that got the fences for the national modified to reduce the risk of injury, along with the RSPCA.

    And the point I was making about ATOS and horse racing is no gives a hoot as to what happens the sick people, in comparison to animals ie. But if ATOS were to treat horses the same way they are now treating people, they would be shut down in the blink of an eye and face prosecution into the bargain.

  • All creatures great and small,human or animal deserve the same equal rights in sickness and in health,however alas we don't live in a perfect world,hence why all of us from different walks of life have to fight for justice in the and for the many different causes we believe in,it isn't about who or what is more deserving but about protecting the most vulnerable and be their voice! Almost 3 am,my bed beckons! xxx

  • Those poore horses I don't watch it I know its a nice day out but I'm not fond of sports

  • Morning back to Axminster thought this might amuse you. My Granny lived near Axminster on a farm she had the habidashers in town for a while and she was awarded the key to the town hall - I still have it it is engraved and every thing - thought it might make you smile :) xgins

  • Wow gins, I know the shop well, unfortunately the lady who has it now is a misery, she gives the impression she really can't be bothered, I'm sure your Granny would have been a much better owner. The Guildhall is still here, maybe you should pop down to visit me and we can try out the key ;-) ;-)

    Foggy x

  • I'm known for being assionate about animal welfare but am also a lifelong campaigner against injustice. I dislike intensely when a vulnerable section of society gets picked on

    We're in a difficult situation in this country - we have a welfare state that can no longer sustain its commitments due to overspending by Gordon Brown, and yet we've pledged hundreds of millions in public money for overseas aid for those far worse off than us.the socialist in me wants nobody to suffer, and for oil wealthy countries in the middle east to stop being profligate with money, to stop buying bespoke cars covered in gold and diamonds and actually share money with thos living in grinding poverty, as well as those desperately in need of funds for animal rescue!!

    Another side effect of less pedigree horses would mean thousands less being sent to the abattoir when surplus to requirements :-/

  • *that should have said "passionate " - terrible satellite delay on my fone today!

  • It's sad thing indeed, that people can ill treat animals and children.

    It's not uncommon for children to be starved and beaten, as well as animals, even in our so-called civilised country.

    I have just been reading a book about the scandal of the Magdalen laundries and the hardships endured by the children in their care - unbelievable, and I'm sure they weren't alone in their guilt!

    There has always been so much cruelty in the world to all creatures great, small and human - and now we have ATOS to add to the score!

    Moffy x

  • I have read about the Magdalene Girls and how they suffered ,shocking that it was allowed to ever take place i have watched a couple of films about it too no wonder so many peeps are anti establishment! Della xxx

  • hi i am very close to you then as i work in Charmouth and live the somerset side of axminster :) its a small world xx

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