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My day just gets worse and worse!!

what a stressful day im having!! been in a lot of pain the last couple of days and felt poorly yesterday, didn't feel to bad this morning, but ended up paying bills and it went on from there....I found out today I now have to pay £51 a month for bedroom tax on top of rent and council tax arrears since last November when the ex origianally moved out! so I got myself so stressed I am now in bad pain again.....and just to put the cherry on the cake, ive just been informed that my 23yr old son (who lives with my mother, very long story) has been thrown out by her and is driving round in an angry and upset state (he has behavioural issues) and none of us can get hold of him!! im worried sick....he hasn't long passed his driving test and isn't an experienced driver!

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Gentle hugs. I'm sorry things are not going great for you right now.


There's nothing worse than worrying about your child! Never mind, he's old enough to look after himself, and given the law of averages he will soon cool down and reappear. He won't be suffering half as much as you are - of that you can be sure.

I hope you have news soon - please keep in touch and let us know when you hear from him. I shall be thinking of you.

Love from Moffy x


He's turned up at my house, so hes safe for now....phew! but just to round my day off nicely the ex has just txt!!! LOL...if I don't laugh I'll cry, but hey tomorrow is another day.

Thank You

Tracey x x


Well, that's the worst of your worries sorted!

My word, families can drive you mad. Yes, tomorrow is always another day, and with it make the resolution that you will do things YOUR way in future, and insist that everyone else acts sensibly or you'll want to know the reason why! :D

I'm so glad the lad has turned up safe :)

Moffy x


It must have seemed like a garbbled blog that didn't make much sense, I was just frantic and had already had a bad day!! Calm restored for now....:-)


Tracey x x x


Hi Tracey. Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Let's hope it resolves its self soon. X


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