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Unpleasant feeling in my legs :/

Hi everyone hope your all okay :)

I have noticed a new pain in my legs :(

It's the second time I have experienced this now and it's never uncomfortable.

I have been out in town today to do a few jobs before I go away, I have to push myself otherwise I wouldn't get my jobs done.

When I get home and relax I fine that I have an uncomfortable and painful feeling in my calfs, ankles and my knees. This continues for a long time.

Does anyone else experience this at all?

I'm so determined to get a wheelchair now as I won't get this problem. Not sure what it is, but I'm shattered now feel like I could sleep for a week :(

I hope I'm not going to have this problem when I'm on holiday.

Also I have only taking medication that I need with md and I'm looking to taking my meds in hand luggage, but I haven't got a doctors letter all the boxes have my name and address on. I saw on direct.gov that you can take the slips off your prescriptions so I have put that in with my box so if they ask the info is in there.



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Hi I also have been getting painfull legs for about 2 weeks now ! like you said painfull knees, calfs, and down the back of my legs , I had it once before and with a few gentle excersizers it went away but this time it dont seem to be working ! It makes you feel really down , bad tooth acke in both legs, I dont know if its to do with fibro or not. Ive been trying warming cream on my knees , it has helped a little, I also think it has something to do with my back problems . yes it is hard to walk far I,ve found .

My legs also feel very heavy ! does yours ? valann


Hi Valann,

Mines hurting a lot I'm not happy it's almost like I'm about to get cramp in the calf if that makes sense.

It's sore/painful yo stand and worse when I'm sitting :'(


sorry ! Reply below, Valann


Hi yes I

have this problem so bad im using cold compacts at mo for my knee swelling when I go to work I use devils claw gel its brill it helps doesn't take all the pain away but it helps me do my shift x


Hi Susan and Valann. It sounds really like how my legs have been feeling for the last few weeks, last night was pretty bad and kept waking me up. Stretching doesn't seem to help at all. I'm seeing physio at moment for my neck and think I'll mention it next week. I also get a numbness in my feet, usually the left.

Keep going as much as you can. Is x


Hi Suffolklass,

Yeah I'm going to speak to my physio when I get back from my holiday. I found even walking a short distance is difficult, hopefully I will be okay on holiday :)

Please let me know what your physio says so I no how my physio is going to react :)



Hi again. Will let you know. Where are you off to on holiday? Do what you can when you're away. I'm wondering if it's something to do with the weather, it's been unusually hot.

Is x



I'm going to turkey on Sunday :) for 2 weeks

It has been getting warm again but they said if would, I had thunder storms tonight I didn't no until my friend told me.



Hi again. No thunder here. Have a great time in Turkey and relax, de-stress.


hi have thought this two it doesn't help us with fibro and arthritis does it


We just have to try to keep smiling and do our best.


Hi has any of you heard of ressless leg sindrown ( not sure about spelling ) I wondered if this painfull legs is what the problem is, I find it difficult to keep my legs still at night? and sleep properly its bad enough with the fibro keeping us awake eh!

from Valann


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