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Not been able to get on

Hi all fm friends, had some real probs trying to get on and post :-(

My laptop has died too after ordering a charger believing it was that,

So use a little net book which not brilliant.

And like you lot the up and down days too.

So using phone and thought hmm will try again! Woohoo i did it, i was beginning to think i had been thrown off lol for what i have no idea.

Its sunny today, well was is on off lol make your mind up! Eek its as bad as this illness. I been suffering as daughter 11yr old wanted bedroom doing! Well in the past i was very very DIY enthuast and decorating love it, all i sid was move a single mattress away from door and the sharpest sooting shock left me ouch for past 3 days!! Putting a quilt cover on these days is a chore never mind decorating!! :-( very frustrating i have to say as a supposedly healthy 43 yr old who now feels 83!!

Hubby is cutting edges, strimming and gardening allll the jobs i enjoyed until this rubbish happend . I read so much and hope i still live till am 83 because rite now am not feeling convinced, however very thankful to life itself so far xxxxxx how are you allllll today what you doing xxx

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i used to be mrs diy aswell ,very frustrating isnt it :(

ive just dropped my daughters up the shops and iam awaiting the phone call to pick them up ,not very exciting for me today lol ,

hope you have a good day xx


Hi lynz, well purposely stayed in pj's today to make a stand of not being taxi mum today, well been rough voltarol heat pad galore. Ladies things and with doing what i did its stopped me in tracks lol, so watched hubba hubba do wallpapering! Its actually amazing now how much he does for me and wont let me do much in fear i will do some damage lol bless. Before i would keeeep hinting for jobs. Have you had good bank hols so far xxxxcazziexxx


Walked the dogs just a short walk in the woods, they love the different smells and chasing squirrels!!

Just had a green tea and feel the need for a lie down coming on


Sue x x x x


Hia sue, now thats something i given up as not got strength (hate saying it) i have 2 long haired white german shepherds and my eldest one just puts me on my bum everytime .. How many times i been laughed at like comedy lol so 2 yrs now since walked. She can go off lead but you know you walk so far and turn round and think nooooo i got walk that back eeek lol.. I am contemplating letting them go to ex shep keepers cos we all so busy wrk and i can barely do housewrk let alone, wrk, cook, clean etc. i have given my job up on physical side and run it now as too much .. You will be well and truly feet up now xx


Hi chris, guess you lot like me that way, just sit and look at it for now then and walkin wardrobe and say yeahh but if in your room dont fill it lol or it may just stay there hehe, aww does he take medication to help his anxietys? And it is so nice he helps you too!

My lot help a lot more now and if i trip or fall or do something silly they jump .. Now before all this they would alll roll around laughing before i knew what was wrong lol.. I kinda wish i dint know all this and have that fun instead if you get me xxxx soft schnuggles xx


Dont you just hate it when your laptop crashes, it happened to me last week when my broadband was playing up and I felt as though I was missing a limb!.

DIY is a thing of the past for me now, I always liked doing a spot of decorating but now I get it done by anyone willing to do it for me!.

Having a quiet day today, will be popping to see a friend as its her birthday tomorrow and she is going off on holiday other than that it will be a day of rest and relaxation recovering from a few busy weeks which have caught up on me.

Hope you recover from your aches of pains from yesterday, take care, love Angela x


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