My worst flare up in years

I have fibro and two weeks ago my feet were doin the hot and cold thing and throbbing,my calfs were swollen and felt bruised and it was hard to balance,my knees were hot then cold and painful to touch, I could not sit or lyedown, my back was painful and my neck and shoulders felt like I had whip lash and my elbows and wrists were very painful, I was in bed for four days but I could not rest, I did not eat for 3 days as I had no appitite, I've improved a little but not much. What can say about my mental state the songs in the ears Neva stop, a leathal injection would be a blessing some days I hope your all feeling better than me x

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  • Bless you, sending you healing thoughts and light, hope you feel better soon, better days will come!

  • Thank you I hope you have plenty of good days

  • Morning Tracy pom ,

    I am so sorry you are having such a bad time of it at the moment. I hope you feel better today. The sun has just woken up here and managed to come out smiling so I am sending you a gentle hug hope you feel better xgins

  • Hi gins thanks for your kind words I spent most of today out of it I forgot to take my tablets yesterday due to the brain fog lol

  • Bless your heart Tracy!! I am in the middle of a horrid flare at the moment too :( I really hope that you feel better ASAP!

    Sending you big gentle hugs


  • Hiya beckyglen I hope you feel better soon please don't do what I did yesterday I forgot to take my tablets due to brain fog lol you have to laugh or you would lose the plot. Stay positive x

  • I hope both of you, Tracy and Becky, Will soon feel better lots of hugs sue xxx

  • Thankyou mayrose 54 I hope they find a cure for all of us x

  • Sorry to hear about your flare up Tracy, I think I'm just about to start my legs are hurting like they have never hurt before, I really hope your flare dies down soon, I what you mean by lethal injection. But just think of those that will suffer more if we do that, and they WILL suffer and. Lot more than us, just hang in there we could be worse, we could have a terminal illness like the big C, take care, sending you gentle hugs and huge handful of sunshine....(((((((T))))) ....Dee xx

  • Thankyou cookie 72 I was diagnosed with fibro in 1989 and I have tried so many different tablets, but I can't complain I have a fantastic doctor and he does all he can. I'm lucky really. Hope your well x

  • I know how you feel I was diagnosed at the age of 11 yrs but am now 72 only in those day it was labeled muscular rhumatism, it wasnt till 1995 that they realised it was fibro, I also have spondylosis of the cervical and lumber spine, amongst other conditions, so that's over 60 yrs, it's funny really cos when it first starts you re in sooo much pain you think to yourself I wonder how long this is going to go on for when will it stop cos I can't stand it anymore, but here we are 60 yrs later, and at the time you can't see yourself putting up with it for this long, but you do don't you, you I've tried so many pills, the best are gabapentin, for me anyway, but I have. Cocktail of tablets, I just wish I could have an anti inflammatory cos they work wonders, it's the aspirin in them that helps, and all anti inflammatory are aspirin based and I'm allergic to aspirin, hope you feel a Little better tomorrow, gentle hugs.Dee xx

  • You poor love. I can't offer instant relief but please don't give in to it or it will win. What meds are you on and can you increase any of them safely? I take it the songs aren't exactly your favourites? At least here your among friends who understand. It's horrid when earworms wont go away.

    From your answers to other people you know what you're about. Hang in there Tracy.

    I wonder if Zeb can spare some healing fluffies, what's your favourite scent?

    Lots of gentle hugs and healing thoughts. :)

  • Hi fenbadger

    It's nice to vent to you all cause you understand. I would like the lethal injection on the bad days like today but I have 2 beautiful daughters and 5 grand kids that would kill me lol they keep here :) I hope your good thanks for your support x

  • I thought I'd replied to this but. . sorry for the delay. I've only been there once - after my knee op. You might know fibros are resistant to opioids so pain control was cr*p. If someone has said "we can deal with it but you won't ever wake up" I'd have said "yes". Of course I'm glad I didn't. Keep coming back when you need a rant. It's ok. And as you say we understand and can take it - with compassion. In a previous life I dealt with suicides - not that I'm suggesting anything I didn't read that in your post, and yes, it's those left behind who suffer a lot. (Unjustified) guilt as much as grief. I hope if you keep those lovely people in your thoughts it will see you through those black moments. xx

  • Hi Tracy

    My thoughts are with you. I wonder whether it is the weather as I started a massive flare about the same time as you and it doesn't seem to be getting any better I've had odd days as bad as this but never for such a prolonged period at this level. I have tried all my usual strategies but to no avail. The only time I get any relief is if I soak in an Epsom Salt bath but I think I am turning into a wrinkled prune through immersing myself so much. Hope everyone who is suffering has their pain eased soon. If it wasn't for my dear husband and a couple of good friends I would feel like throwing in the towel to and I'm definitely no quitter. I think sometimes the pain just overcomes our natural fortitude. At least we re all in it together and can hopefully support each other. Big hugs to everyonexx

    At leas

  • Hi tracypom

    I am so sorry to read that you are having such a bad flare up at this time, and I sincerely hope that you start to feel better soon.

    Take care

    Ken x

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