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Apparently Kidney Stones may also be a Fibro-Flare up according to the consultant in hospital!

Just looking through my discharge letter as I am back at work today and it says that my admission was either due to Kidney Stones which looking at all the tests and my enlarged spleen is most likley! OR it is a fibromyalgia flare up! I am sorry but how can the two compare?

Leucocytes and blood raised CRP and being tender in the abdomen area and the amount of pain - of which is the worst I have ever encountered! I would sooner have appendicitis again - to me this seems to be more Kidney Stones.

Anyone know where he got the idea of a fibro flare up from ???? and you dont need fluids or antibiotics through an IV drip for fibro !

Sorry for the rant. But it seems we get treated very very differently.



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Perhaps you had both .... If you had antibiotics and fluids through an IV it would seem you were treated for kidney stones / infection correctly ... And that bought on a flare maybe ....

Glad you are home now

VG x


Its just as soon as they find out you have fibro they drug you up to the hilt and call you a hyper condriact (sorry about my spelling ) xx


Did they call you a hypochondriac ..... They can't have thought that or you wouldn't have been given antibiotics through an IV..... I have had 11 ops during my time with fibro and I must admit nurses and doctors find it hard to appreciate why I don't heal well or can be in so much pain ....

Don't let the diagnosis on the letter bother you .. You got admitted and treated with antibiotics... Which you obviously needed

VG x


Hi Emjane,

They don't give you intravenous antibiotics for a fibro-flare!

With the lab results you mention, you obviously did have a very severe kidney infection,which is extremely painful anyway, and probably kidney stones as well.

Undoubtedly your illness will have brought on a flare - it almost always happens, and makes the pain even worse. I think your doctors were just being realistic here, and certainly not accusing you of being a hypochondriac!

I guess we're all a bit sensitive about having fibro, but most doctors now are aware that any disease on top of fibro will usually bring on a flare.

Anyway, the most important thing is that you received the correct treatment, and are home again.

I do hope you remain well, and that your trouble doesn't recur.

Moffy x


Fibromyalgia is from a viral infection in the body. Like Lyme disease, hepatitis, etc. I know this because I am a natural doctor but I am going through it now. I have Lyme and now I'm experiencing fibro.


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