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Fibro Flare swollen glands and breathlessness common?

Hello... I've just had an horrendous weekend with a really bad flare up. My symptoms are becoming more common every time I flare up....breathlessness as in I've run a marathon ( i have asthma) and swollen glands and the usual bad body aches pains and headaches. My mum is ill in hospital at the moment. Do you think stress could cause a flare up? Hugs Jools

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Hi Jools,

I'm sorry you're having such an awful time of it.

Have a look at the Fibro-Action website at the right of the home page, there is lots of info on there. I think stress could very likely cause a flare up.

Maybe a trip to your doctor might be a good idea with your symptoms?

Hope your Mum gets well and home soon.

Hugs Sue xxx


Hi there jools cumbria,

I am sorry to hear your mum is ill in hospital.

Yes stress is a real killer for us, sometimes i actually think they are the worst flares.

I get breathless and i have asthma, but its not the wheezy kind of breathlesness its like what you have said 'like you have ran a marathon'.

I have swollen glands and have sore throats quite often

I hope she gets better soon and your flare doesnt last too long.

hugs, kel xxxx


I wake up every morning with an awfully sore throat and a tight chest and unable to breathe properly, maybe this could be to do with my Fibro :) x


I am sorry to hear of your mother being ill and your illness giving you trouble as well.

Apart from stress, could you have an alergy to something in your bedroom?

If you only get these symptoms when you wake you may also be laying in a position which is bad for you?

Just some ideas but maybe run them by your doctor and do look after yourself - think of it this way, the best way to be able to look after your mum is to be well, so its no good neglecting yourself.

I had to regulate what I did and how often etc when my step-father was ill and I got my mother to do the same. We managed to keep going until he was well enough to come home! I hope it is this way for you too.

I think everyone who has breathing problems that mainly occur in the bedroom should rethink what is in the bedroom. Its the time when we sleep with feathers! Maybe we don't wash our duvets and pillows enough - yes I mean them not their covers! We are meant to replace them every year at the very least! Think of all those little creatures living on our skin cells! Well we are breathing them in too!

I do hope I have not spolit your nights sleep, sweet dreams [sorry, was meant to help]

Soft hugs


Yes both ..shallow breathing can also be a symptom of stress and make things worse. Try yoga breathing exercises and if you can lie down and tense and then relax your body muscle by muscle. You can even do this in bed just before you go to sleep.


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