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i have my neurologist app on the 9th april, i am now also getting blured vision, tension like headaches, and my balance is not good neither, i fell out of bath the other day, i generally dont feel good, i know we all are suffering in different ways so its so nice to be able to chat on here, i am normally tired all the time, and lately all i want to do is sleep, my whole body seems to want to stop working, i hope you are all coping o,k, xx

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I am glad you have a neurologist appt soon... If I can offer some comfort ... Your blurred vision may be down to meds.. And the tension headaches may be your bodies way of worrying without you realising that you are a little nervous about the appt as we all do when going to see someone new.. Hoping we will get an answer whlle trying not to get our hopes up to be dashed again .

So this seems to be a perfect time for you to be seeing a neurologist when you are not at your best... Which is a positive if weird way of looking at it

Good luck and I hope you get some answers from the appt... Positive ones..

VG x


Yes, good luck Sandy - hope all goes well!

Moffy x


thank you, very-grumpy and ladymoth for your kind words, yes i think i am nervous about the app, thank you again, its so nice to be able to chat to others who know about our illness, xx


listen to your body sandy and if you need to sleep - do.

I have times when it's my only option, and my symptoms are the same.




Good luck hun, I too was sent to Neuro and tests came back clear with similar symptoms as yours, trouble is FM mimicks nasty things so they really have to make sure.


thank to you all for your kind words, xx


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