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I am currently sitting here at 1 am with my hand wrapped in a tea towel with ice in as I am in agony :(

i went to open my car door and felt an excruciating pain, I thought I had pinched it. On inspection I found a large wasp hanging off my top knuckle of my middle finger. The pain was terrible, I was close to tears. Now my whole hand hurts and I just don't know what to do with it and my finger is all swollen. i've been stung before but it's never hurt like this. Does the fibro make us react more to things like stings?

If it's no better by morning I think I'm going to have to pay a visit to the doctors.

I feel like a right drama queen but boy it's painful.

Any sympathy will be gladly received.

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You can have all the sympaty in the world huni, being stung is no fun!!

Have you tryed putting vinegar on the sting it really does work

hugs poppy xx


Hi Poppy, as soon as I got in I put it in vinegar but it had no effect. I've tried Germoline, sting cream, Cocodomol and have just taken some Ibrobruphen, has gone off a little so hopefully I can go back to bed soon.

Thanks for caring xx


Hope it's all better today xxx


That sounds awful! Make sure you get it checked out even if it is just to get some anti histamine (or however you spell it!).



aww hope its better soon, I would have thought a antihistamine would help x


Ouch :( How is your hand now?

Sending gentle hugs your way and hoping you are feeling better xx



Poor you maybe you need some, now I may not spell the next

word very well but here goes

Antihistamines this will take the pain away and your swollen hand

asked your chemist.


very painful need to make sure sting is out of it, hope your feeling better now x


I always swell with wasp stings not sure if anything to do with the fibro tho hope it eases for you soon x


If you have been stung by a wasp you need to bath it in a solution of Bi Carb. Bees you bath in vinegar. It neutralises the sting. Wasp stings are acid and bee stings alkali. Might not help your poorly hand now but it might help in the future if you are unlucky enough to get stung again. X


Thank you for all your replies. I went to the doctors this morning as I was up untill 3.30am with the pain. He said I have had an allergic reaction as it had started to affect my other fingers and I started getting small blisters.

Anyway, he gave me antibiotics and anti inflamatries. Feels a little better now, just dissapointed I didn't get to stomp on the little blighter.


God that's awful, hope you're not too sore pet, try and sleep well xxx


Thank you Claire.


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