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So had a viral infection for a few weeks which left me with what the gp calls 'viral arthrits' i get this everytime i have viral infections which only clears with steroids.

This time round i have had bad hips which is bad enough i now have some bad inflamation in my neck and shoulder which had caused trap nerves, OUCH!

Back to gp on monday to have injections into my shoulders :-(

Had to take a week off work as i work on a checkout so cant do anything as both arms are shaking and 1 is so painful.

I just hope i get sick pay coz i will struggle otherwise.

I never take time off work with my fibro no matter what states im in i will always struggle through but even for me now its gettin to much, just hope work are not awkward with me when i go back like they were before!



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Morning Holly bad luck I hope you are feelin better soon :) xgins


I had a steroid injection in my shoulder on Friday afternoon for an impingement. The steroid injection has an inbuilt anaesthetic which seemed to numb most of my arm for a few hours. Once it wore off I was rather sore for about 24 hours (lot of sweary words used & very grumpy, especially with my Jack Russell who thinks he's a parrot) but it's definitely feeling better now.

Hope you get the same relief.


Hi Holly, oh you poor love, you've been through a right time and now this. You have my complete sympathy and understanding, I had three years of what can only be called hellish pain with arthritis in my left shoulder, I had countless injections, (they do work, though you must take it easy fir 3 days after the injections) and ended up with a complete replacement.

I know how ghastly the pain you are in is and I am sending lots of healing thoughts and gentle hugs your way. Foggy x



Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon.

You soud as if you are also worried about your employers.Will you be able to get

a doctors note?

Sending warm hugs and things




Thanks all :-)

Havent got as much pain this morning so going to take it very easy today to keep the pain awat hopefully.

I have a self cert as my docs wont give a drs sick nite for first week.

I was off last year for 3 week during a bad flare and on my return to work i wasnt treated very well and eventually had to get the union involved.

It made me so miserable and down back then, i hated going to work as most people had the view of 'you dont look ill'. I have gone into work before now in some really bad states, not being able to walk or in so much pain ive cried but ive still gone so hopefully they will understand i must be in a bad way to be off sick. I have to use my arms in my job so not being able to use them right means my job will be impossible! Not that im expecting them to take this view.

My other main worry is the sick pay. I think i have just enough left to get company sick pay for 1 week but from a lot of people i have spoken to i will need some time off after the needle. If i go on ssp for a week i loose around £30 which isnt a huge amount of money but i am on my own with a 6 year old so to me that is a lot of money.

I have to think of my health though and if i go back before i am ready i will end up worse and off sick again for longer




Stay strong and keep your head up, this pain is bad and people have no right to judge you. If i was you i would print out info on your condition and give it to your boss ans show staff, people need to be informed of our illness and not ignorant. Stress is also not good for you so try to keep your mind in a happy place (like your son) keep good your not alone there are many pain suffers out there. Big fibro hug to you and your boy.


Hi was off with depression and anxiety, I also work on checkouts and have a lot of pain in my shoulders neck and back and legs my doctor has done blood test and not found a reason for

My pain but thinks it fibromyalgia as I have some of the tender spots .sorry to here u are in a lot of pain big hugs .

I to work only part time and have just cut my hours a bit to help I to had problems work around time off sick its not easy


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