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My finger got caught in the Dog lead as I was trying to make him sit still whilst a visitor was with us (he's a cockapoo so very bouncy!) It didn't hurt at first but then it started to swell and I couldn't bend it.I got my son to strap it up and off I went to A&E on my mobility scooter.(a bit tricky)

I got off quite lightly with just a two hour wait.I had an xray and waited for the result.The Dr showed me the xray and I had quite a long break between the nail & knuckle of my ring finger.So be careful when you're holding your dogs lead!! I only got the tiniest dressing rolled and taped between a good finger and the broken one ,so not even much to show !

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Oh my goodness, poor you Amanda! Sounds nasty and painful, I hope you're not too uncomfy tonight! Take your painkiller meds, this will help the pain in your finger too.

I know dog leads can lead to injury when the dog suddenly pulls without warning, it's easy to get fingers, hands and wrists trapped.

I hope you feel better soo, take care. (((hug))) xxx


OUCH!!!! Poor you, that sounds painful and i hope you are feeling a bit better this morning. I ended up at a+e too yesterday having stabbed through my palm of my hand using a rather large knife and ended up with stitches.....i totally blame the incident on fibro cos i misjudged what i was doing and the end of the knife just went in! Im gonna be more careful with my lovely doggies lead this morning tho lol! Much love....Charlii xx


Oh no! Hope it mends soon. I have a cockapoo puppy. They are such wonderful lovely breed of dog. Just love them.


Blooming dogs! Don't get me wrong, I love them, & wouldn't be without one, but they can & do cause us damage!

My 2nd retriever was running round the open field with a springer & collided with my knee. It felt dislocated but wasn't, cut a long & sorry story short, turns out the op 4mths later found a bit of bone broken off & lodged in the joint! Aghhh! I was on crutches over 6mths & still have problems 14 yrs later!

No.3 was running round an empty field with another retriever when they came up behind my knees & I literally went flying & landed on my shoulder. A year later I had an op to shave bits off the top & bottom of the bones to allow my swollen muscle to pass through. That was in August this year & I am still going to physio!

It's obviously not my pets fault as I seem to have a dog magnet in my knees!!!

On a serious note, do you use a Halti on your dog? I wouldn't be able to hold Jazz on her lead without one as she is so strong! It really does stop them pulling. It goes over their snout & they can still open their mouth & carry a ball. It is not a muzzle. It tightens up & puts their head to one side if they pull hard which is uncomfortable rather than painful. Make sure you get one with a safety clip which fastens it to the collar. They are only about £10, worth every penny!

The only problems I have now is when off lead, so I now take a walking stick with me,( not to beat the dogs with!) just to steady myself when they aim their heavy bodies at me! LOL

Hope your finger is less painful today, just shut the dog in another room next time!

Gentle hugs xx


A Halti is a great idea especially if you have a small dog Amanda! Great idea Shadow! :) xx


I did buy a Halti when he was a puppy but his face was too narrow so it couldn't work properly.I had my follow up at the fracture clinic this morning.Hardly worth going for a small crack on my finger thinks I.Not so,apparently it is a very nasty break and I WILL have arthritis in it (this made me smile as I thought the registrar didn't know how much my fingers hurt already.i was also told that if it didn't mend properly I'd need an operation (!) and the operation might make it worse!! (By the way,my finger is now nearly double the size and very black)

Anyway,after 2 lots of excruciating Xrays which surely made things worse,I had to have a light plas ter applied.The registrar put the fear of God in me when he said that my fingers would need to be bent, and he WOULD be bending them.well I left after 3 hours,lots of pain and a hand looking like a\ mummy! The stupidest thing was when the nurse asked me what colour plaster I'd like,purple I said and she applied the purple plaster on one side of my hand,then proceeded to wrap white bandages over it so you couldn't see the purple at all!!! WHY did she ask?!!!!!!!!

I have another appointment next Wednesday and I'm wondering what forms of torture I will be getting then.


What breed is your dog Amanda?! Hopefully we can come up with something to help you when we know. :)

So sorry to hear you've been put through the mill today Amanda, my goodness! I hope you feel more comfortable now.

So impressed you chose purple for Fibromyalgia for your plaster, that's loyalty to our cause for you! Seriously though, I hope you feel a bit better now you're plastered up.

Take it easy if you can, sending you a hug! (((hug))) xxx :)


Hi Liberty z Marley is a cockapoo (cocker spaniel & poodle cross) we have awful problems every day with him barking and running around like a mad dog.(he is very nervous around new people and doesn't like seein g them outside the window)and I have just brought a walky dog.This is a pole with a lead through it that usually attaches to a bike to walk or run your dog but can be attached to a mobility scooter.we are hoping that getting a lot more exercise this way will calm him down so he isn't as dangerous in the house


Oh my goodness, sorry Amanda, I remember you mentioning the breed now, sorry foggy moment! It happens to us all here! ;)

A Cockapoo, how gorgeous! :) Have you considered a harness for him, then you could attach the lead to it. That's what we do with our two Jack Russells, they are big JR's too! That would work better than a standard Halti and would ensure you didn't hurt yourself like that again. Just a thought.

How brilliant is your Walky Dog, fantastic idea! Safe for you and a great way to exercise your dog!

Hope you feel better soon Amanda! :) xxx


yes we use a harness when we take him out for a walk .I had just put his lead on in order to keep him from jumping up and licking or headbutting the visitor!


My dog is exactly the same. he is very skittish at times and he feel safer if we lead him up. Once he accpets the person he is all over them, so we cannot win. But I hope your finnger heels soon and hopefully no need for the op xxxxx


thanks everyone.getting fed up with the cast already.I think a child would have more patience than me! I keep trying to use it normally and wondering why it hurts!!


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