Ouch the pain

Hello folks. Well not good for me today, the pain is indescribable this morning. It started last night,with sciatica in my back and then going down.my legs. I took some painkillers and put my heated pad on my back and eventually dosed off, however, oucher this morning, not only do I have the sciatica, but across my shoulders is so bad I can't move,so have just taken more painkillers. Thank god for these sorts of phone, because I couldn't get to my computer right now and, I am trying to distract myself for the minute by writing to you lot out there who knows what it's all about. Hope you are all managing to cope this morning, and bless you all. Try and get a good day in if you can. Hugs to all

Lyndia x

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  • Morning Lydia, sorry to hear you are bad this morning, I'm often like that, I invested in an iPad I saved up for it wasn't sure if I done the right thing as I'm not all that clever with all these electrical gadgets, bu bless the day I did, because I have it and my phone by my bed as I cannot always get out of bed that quick and this is my lifeline, and if my wrist and hands are having a bad day I rest it on my pillow, u take care now talk to u again , gentle hugs Dee xx

  • Hi Cookie. Thank you for your support, it`s great there is a site like this, it makes you feel so much better to know you are not alone, because this blinking syndrome, is not conducive to making people without it too kind towards you, they just think you are putting it on, I get fed up with people telling me that they can`t think there is anything wrong with me, because I look so well, WELL they ought to see me today, that would change their minds, although probably not. Anyway, hope you feel better soon, and lots of very gentle hugs to you to

    Lyndia x

  • Sorry to hear your not well i am in the same boat today it wears you down this constant pain doesnt it I hope you feel better soon x

  • Thank you for your email. Yes you are right, this constant blinking pain does get you down, but stay positive if you can, it is the only way. Hope you start to feel better soon, there seems to be a lot of us today not feeling so good, it must be something in the water. Lots of hugs

    Lyndia x

  • Hope you feel better really soon.


  • Hi Jilly

    Just realised I sent you a message, but did`nt actually send DAH I get dafter, I`m not sure if there is any hope for me, but, hopeful lwhen I see other people writing the same sort of thing. Thanks for your thought, and hope you are ok.

    hugs x

    Lyndia x

  • G'morning Lyndia,

    I'm having a good swear (in private!) at the moment as I am very stiff and achey this morning. One good thing is that my joints are a bit less swollen, thanks to a cortisone injection, and I am able to use my right hand again after having to do left-handed ironing for some months. I'm sure it's not normal to take so much pleasure in a bit of efficient ironing - what a saddo I am! :D

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Moffy x

  • Oh Moffy you like ironing can I bring mine around please :) It never gets done here ccause of my neck and arms but if you like it I will pop over later xgins:)

  • Hi Moffy

    Thanks for your reply. I have put a community blog on thanking everyone for their support, because I didn`t know if I was up to writing back to everyone Being new to this site, I`m not quite sure what one does, can you give me some tips. You are definately NOT a saddo, ironing or not, I think you are fun, and very,communicative, I`m sorry you are not too well today, I have had quite a few replies to my blog today, and everyone seems to be in the same boat, it`s got to be the weather , I hope you feel better soon. I know what the wrist thing is like, as I have a very rare form of osteoarthritis, and have had an ulna replacement [knuckle ] on my right hand, and the scaifoid on the other, [ not sure if I have spelt that right, I`m a bit foggy at the moment ] so, I sympathise with you completely. In fact, I have so many bits and pieces replaced, toe joints, back, hands, stomach, and more you name it, I`ve had it , when I die, they will be able to auction me off. anyway, lovely to hear from you my fibro friend.

    Lyndia x

  • Morning Lyndia,

    Gosh we are a lot arent we. Sorry to hear you are feeling so rubbish today. I think your distraction techniques are good. Arent i-pads brilliant you can take them any where ! Well of course some places are better than others :) hope it eases up soon xgins

  • Hi Gins

    Thanks for your good wishes, you`re right we all ought to be put into a sack and dumped in the river, perhaps the good enzymes in the water would do us good, but don`t think so Hope you are feeling better, and will let you know how I get on , on Friday, when I go ffor my scan.

    Hugs from fibro friend

    Lyndia x

  • My iPad goes everywhere except the shower but I am working on it :) sorry to hear so many of us are struggling today.... I am dosing myself up as my son has a gig tonight and I am not missing it

    Wishing everyone a speedy recovery back to bearable pain

    VG the optimist :)

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