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I cannot believe how much pain i am in at ther min i am in agony all down my legs and my arms i really need to walk the dog but am frightened i may fall over lol dont think i will so will risk it !

i i am not back on here later you know i akm in the middle of a path somewhere in lowestoft trying to crawl back home so send out the search party ha ha

love to you all and hope you have all got something yummy for your tea i had a bit o cake (surprise) earlier oh and an apple just to balance it out so i dont really want anything else may put a yogurt in the freezer oto hve later they are lush sort of like ice cream and healthy too and last ages good if you on a diet you fel like you having something naughty but your not try it

love to you all diddle x

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Hey diddle (tempted to say "hey diddle diddle")

Hope you have got back safe from your doggy walk, I am sure your furbaby is as grateful as mine are after a walk.

Have you thought about training your dog to help you? It is dependent on doggies age as to how well he/she will take to the training? It is amazing what they can do. If you would like more info then just ask?

Do you have some kind of mobility aid like a scooter or something? mine is a godsend on the days when I would otherwise not be able to take Raven and Dusty (my furbabies) out.

big gentle hugs




Think you need one of those radar collars on you Diddle, at least it will send out a signal if you do drop into a hedge somewhere in Lowestoft!! x


hi diddle hope your feeling somewhat better,how did the walk go.i v been in pain quite bad but we`ll get by,we bloody have too.iv just had the must awful stinging in my eyes but it wasnt Mr fibro,it was....crumbs from salt and vinegar monster much lol..i swear diddle it killed lol :),lv fm me xxx


lol bless ya both love diddle no i have not got a scooter i have got stick i use sometimesbut try not to dont want to become reliant on it love to you xxl


Hey diddle, glad you got back from your walk in one piece. The yoghurt sounds yummy, neva thought of that, will try when I next have yoghurts in. Love ice cream, this sounds like a healthy alternative.

Lou x


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