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Well.. story of my life as you are probably starting to realise... 9 mile walk home from castleford today just because I missed the last bus home by 5 minutes. Been walking for 2 and half hours straight and boy am I feeling it ha... ouch. On the bright side.. was in castleford to watch new Jason Stathem film <3 :) docs at half 9 in morning. Not gunna wanna get up ha ha

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Well, you said it all in the title.

I remember I used to struggle from my half hour walks home from school (which were made longer), and feeling so vulnerable and poorly and just wanting be home. It was horrendous!

..Anyway, back to you. It must have been a night mare. I'm sorry you had to go through this.

How was the film? xxxx


The film was great ") I love jason stathem he he. Was called hummingbird was right good ha possibly not worth the pain im in today though :) xx



I'm sorry you're in so much pain, hope it eases soon.

The film sounds great, if we go to the cinema on my birthday (which is in a week's time...that makes it approximately a year since I first spoke to you! :O ), I might ask to see it.



Yeah deffo that or now you see me watched that today with my boyfriend we thought I was good ") god I love having a cineworld card ha.

On down side had bloods takin this morning, first time its hurt stiill throbbing now and all bruised :(


Morning Hope the film was worth it!!!


Congrats on the 9 mile walk - something of an achievement, so you won't need exercise again for several weeks :O

Moffy x


Pftttt a year !:) dyinnnn xx


You have put me to shame...I thought my weekly walk of 1 mile was an achievement and worthy of a gold star...:)

Great effort and well done !! I can understand you must be feeling very sore and stiff today This is just what the doctor needs to see..... :(

Double gold star for you, Well done..


Lol one voluntry mile a week is better then my mishap :) plus im dying this morning ha. Doctors was about my nose bleeds, had 14 in 3 days and one laster 40 minutes ha. Took my bloods again!! Been anemic before and they worried all blood loss is going to send me back ha ")


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