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double ouch!!

Morning. I am in weepy ranting mode today. I read everybody thoughts and feelings everyday on the page but today found the courage to actually speak up to.

I don't want to take anything away from Regnofibro1 being in pain as I understand as I am in a lot of pain too as I actually did get squashed by a double decker bus's doors as I got on to swipe my card yesterday. The driver who was right in front of me said he thought I was clear of the door and I should have moved forward!! bit hard when i was waiting for a mother and pram in front of me.I have a walking stick and the screeching noise I made as the door closed on to me was awful as not only was I getting squashed but I was be pushed by the door on to the pram . I cant believe the driver said that to me was when i was in pure terror and pain. I was shouting him to stop but he just watched and let them close on me.

I was so upset and then so angry that I lost it and shouted at him as it obvious I am disabled, which is not in my nature but I could believe what he had done. He could even be bothered to say sorry. He then shrugged his shoulder and started driving. I said I was not happy and that I wanted his name as I wanted to make a complaint. He just ignored me. The bus was quite full and I could hear people laughing and looking the other way. I got off the next stop as I was so shaken. I felt so upset and then stupid. It was only after I got off and the adrenaline had gone I realised I was in a lot of pain.

Annoyingly I was going home early from work as I was feeling terrible anyway so this was a the last straw. I am very tend now all over my body. I have fibro and ME.

I feel better for writing about it. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

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Unfortunately, the world is full of inconsiderate rude people and they show it by these types of actions. Sometimes people look at us disabled folks and it scares them but I believe they don't recognize their feeling as "fear" ....they just know they don't feel good looking at us. They react to this feeling by acting mean. Quite the opposite of all those other lovely people who smile at me and help me. Little children are so open and honest and they can really stare...if you look, their eyes tell it all! Curiosity, fear, sadness ....I always walk up to them and tell them I see they are wondering what/why and all that stuff. Then I tell them this long plastic hose allows me to breathe so it's a good thing. They immediately brighten up and watch me walk away. Their mom's always say "thank you" to me. Makes me feel like I did something worthwhile. so for every mean SOB, there are many many more great kind humans. i wonder how many of you on this site have experiences friends and/or family pulling away due to our illness! That part hurts the most.


thank you for replying. yes your right there are good people in the world. just feeling all the emotions it right now. you're very kind thanks, this gives me perspective. I'm at work at the moment so just want to get through the day. I hope you have a good day.xx



I am so sorry to hear what has happened to you when using public transport. Not only was this man rude, he showed no duty of care to you or anyone else.

These drivers are supposed to be commited and people should feel and be safe when travelling on buses, obviously not him.

Just a suggestion, I would phone the bus company to complain about this driver's attitude, expalin what has happened giving the time and place to got on the bus OR send them a letter and ask for a reply back.

Hope this heips a little. Take care and don't worry about people like him, he's not worth the pain and suffering.

Remember the saying: What goes around, comes around, true really.

Huge hugs to you throughout the day :) xxx

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I agree. Plus most buses now have CCTV, so the company can view the incident.

that was a frightening, painful ordeal for you, I hope you feel a little better today.


hamble :)


Yes that's correct, but sometimes the cctv are out of action or are just dummies. xxx


So sorry to hear about your experience. Ryanbone is right in saying you should report the driver as he should not have refused to give you his details if requested, they can easily trace who it was from their Shift Rota. It is called Public Transport for a reason and if he did not have passengers he would not have a job. There might have been one or two complaints already about him but perhaps not enough to start full disciplinary proceedings. It was not as though you were a fit person who was nattering and just dawdling and holding up the bus and perfectly capable of moving.

Hope that you have physically got over the incident and are feeling a little bit better today. Soft hugs coming your way.x


Hi Kimbles,

I am so sorry this happened to you.

I don't blame you for being mad at the driver, as Ryanbone suggest I would ring the Bus station and tell them your route and the time, they will know who was driving and then make a formal complaint. There is no excuse for that type of behaviour. Even if you were not disabled you would not have been able to get out of the way of the doors with a pram in front. The doors should only be closed when there is no chance of anyone getting in the way.

I hope you are not suffering too badly today :)


Hi and welcome Kimbles. Sorry about your terrible ordeal yesterday. I can imagine how angry you were and how ( not stupid) but embarrassed maybe that you were? It's not nice when ignorant people laugh at others misfortunes. I hope you feel a little calmer about it all as the day goes on and I hope your pain eases off a little too. Soft hugs, Mags x


thank you to all my fibro family for taking the time to respond. Feeling better and cared about.xx

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You should most certainly complain, if only to raise awareness about training their staff however common decency on the drivers part would not go amiss, I hope you recover well. xx

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I am so genuinely and sincerely sorry to read of your awful experience, and I am also angry and horrified. I agree totally with the others that you should report this driver. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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