I have a swollen abdomen which ahs got worse since about june 2012.i now have painful pea sized lumps spreading around my abdomen which is a solid hard mass and very sore painful and great discomfort esp at night when I sleep on my left side.i had scans at beg of year(2012)but all were said to be clear..my abdomen is ever increasing althoughi have lost weight elsewhere .I told my rheumy and Dr that any weight gain is all in my abdomen.i have pressure in my ribs and now a trapped nerve.both of which can be caused by tumours.

no one will listen to me as all I get from drs is we cant feel anything.only I can feel my pain etc I am in and it seems more and more that they will not listen.its my body and I don't know what else to do now.

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  • Hello Anbuma, I am so sorry to hear of all this worry for you. It would be advisable to get another opinion about this as clearly it's a big worry for you, naturally. I completely understand how you feel. See if you can see another GP at your surgery first of all and then hopefully ask for a referral after explaining all your symptoms and saying how worried sick you are about it all. See how you get on.

    Wishing you all the best my dear, I do feel for you. Please let us know how you get on.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • hello LibertyZ

    I couldn't reply to your next email and wanted to reply to missjones.saying she has seen things on tv about hernias will not make any difference to my DR as he wont accept things I tell him from magazine articles /internet.

    so tv will be no different.

  • Anbuma I am merging your two questions on this subject so you can follow the replies, otherwise it could get very confusing with replies on two threads entitled "Tumour". Hope you understand.

    Here's your other message -


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    I have a swollen abdomen which ahs got worse since about june 2012.i now have painful pea sized lumps spreading around my abdomen which is a solid hard mass and very sore painful and great discomfort esp at night when I sleep on my left side.i had scans at beg of year(2012)but all were said to be clear..my abdomen is ever increasing althoughi have lost weight elsewhere .I told my rheumy and Dr that any weight gain is all in my abdomen.i have pressure in my ribs and now a trapped nerve.both of which can be caused by tumours.

    no one will listen to me as all I get from drs is we cant feel anything.only I can feel my pain etc I am in and it seems more and more that they will not listen.its my body and I don't know what else to do now.

  • Here are the two posted replies on the other thread -

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    have you looked or thought about stomach hernia and groin hernias ? its only what i've seen on tv and health programs x

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    i too suffer the same symptoms as you i had to fight to get drs to listen i had all types of scans cameras down troat and up other end even a double laparoscopy done by surgeon and gynacolagist they found nothing and i now just have to live with it its another thing i put down to fibro or ibs or all the meds i take try not to worry it will only make things worse ask ur dr for more investigations hope it all works out for you


  • thank you lin

    .i have been up in tears all afternoon and night cos I know something is not right

    you stated that you fought to get dr's to listen-they keep saying what its not but no one says what it is.i will try and call the DR today uti can never get to see my own dr as the surgery let people see whichever dr they want regardless of who they are registered with. are you having blood tests?i was but did not know what they were all for and it turns out one CA 125 is for ovarian cancer and at one point mine was at 82 but coming down.i also have a nasal infection fro 9 months and not been referred to ENT.he put it down as nosebleeds when clearly my nose is swollen with black eyes and head pain.again blood tests were for any signs of infection and when i searched fro 2 of them on internet it said inflammation was acute maxillary sinusitis.

  • Wow, it seems like you are going through the ringer...it sounds like you may need to change dr's and definitely get another opinion, gentle hugs. I will now tell u my story...I have the roundish hard lumps that follow the contours of my ribcage and they hurt like buggery...my tummy swells into an odd shape and I can suffer pain which varies from a vice like grip on the area to what feels like pressure. I find the only way to relieve it is to have the back of my chair slanted backwards (riser recliner). When I went to my dr before I was told they are fatty deposits which can come and go and can happen in everyone no matter your size or shape. Now I found this hard to believe but I do believe it could also coincide with IBS as it seems to get worse when I am having a particularly bad time of it or it could just be something to do with a food intolerance which is making your tummy swell but that's just an opinion from me.

    I know that I cant eat certain foods like tomatoes, dairy products, wheat products ect...this causes me the most unbelievable tummy pain when having these especially tomatoes and coke. It's mad I know but it may be something to think about and note when ur pain is at it's worst and least and keep a food/drinks diary for a bit...always good to rule things out.

    gentle hugs xxxx

  • Sorry, forgot to mention that since I have stopped eating things with tomato and all the other products that set me off, my pain has gone. I also was having problems with meds I was on ruining my stomach lining so this is also controlled by coming off the 'pain killers' and going onto gabapentin and taking omeprazole. I also didn't say that the lumps harden. I can feel them still now but that horrible pain is gone as long as I don't have the above intolerances. I hope I have helped in some way. I have had cancer so I hope it's not that but u do need to fight to be heard here.

  • I have asked my dr if its ok to keep taking pain relief-I am taking codeine and paracetemol-he said to cut down on the codeine.i take omeprazole daily and neverheard of gabapentin.i will mentin this when I next see my dr.

  • I also went thru this but my doctor diagnose it as a stomach hernia and was operated on to remove them and I feel so much better. The surgery was the most painful surgery I have ever had but it was worth it. I will be praying for you that someone will help one.

  • I too have lumps all over my tummy, some are sore, they run in my family, mine are called lipomas, look it up on the NHS website they are the most reliable the others will exaggerate & scare you for no reason. Worrying about your tummy may be making it bloat, discuss all your fears with your doctor so they can give you the truth, you no the saying, if you don't ask you don't get! Good luck. Tracy.xx

  • you have lumps too but is your tummy so swollen it looks like you are pregnant?no one in my immediate family has any history of this.i have also lost a bit of weight lately onmy arms and legs yet my stomach is bigger.told the rheumatologist that when he commented that I had gained 11 kgs in 7 years I had lost weight elsewhere and any weight gain was all abdominal. fell on deaf ears.

  • do oyu have pain all around you ribs and pressure on them?

  • hello walnutwhip2

    my argument is that I have these lumps/lipomas but the drs keep saying they cannot feel anything which is ridiculous and that I DON'T have them.i have only gone on blogs and to what others have blogged.the only websites I have looked at are ovacome as someone else advised me too and NHS website.i have told my DR that I am NOT bloated.my abdomen is

    not only sore but very painful and great discomfort at night.I am not worried about lipomas but concerned that it is more than that.if it is a tumour it would account for the solid mass that is my abdomen and why I cannot bend to do anything.bloating would not prevent me doing things??I have said over and over to my DR but he wont budge and even the practice manager who doesn't know me didn't really help matters.

  • Hi ... Ok you can scare yourself silly looking at the medical sites. I know how you feel. A couple of years ago I was measuring my own abdomin in an attempt to prove the swelling. I was on casualty for the extreme pain, and being checked for appendix or ovarian problems. It turned out to be IBS. The painful lumps were inflamed glands. Just like tonsils there are glands through the abdomin which swell when they are working too hard to deal with toxins. Just as tonsils can give a sore throat, abdo glands can give pain.

    I've altered my diet now to try and limit the toxins and now the swelling and pain have gone. O get the odd twinge if I eat something I shouldn't.

    I found a good diet guide called the 9 commandmants for pain. Its for fibro people. We develop sensitivities to drugs and chemicals which our bodies react to in the form of pain. It says to avoid 1. Caffiene 2 aspartame and artificial sugars. 3. MSG 4. Dairy, replace with soya 70% of adults worldwide have some degree of lactose intollerance.5. Wheat, and yeast... many of us are gluten intolerant even if we're not cealiac 6.

    Nighshades, potato, tomato and peppers, 7. Cut back on carbs. 90% of fibro people have low adrenal function.. Combine any carb with protien and fats 8. eat more omega 3, fish, cod liver oil etc....and 9. Eat more fresh food avoiding colours preservatives and other chemical additives.

    Its so hard when you don't feel listened to. I rarely see my gp now because of it. My abdomin is now soft and back to normal. I lost a couple of stone in weight without trying. I've a bit more energy to work on the last stone I'd like to lose

    I really hope you find some peace of mind. Stress of course makes it all worse. The adrenals can't cope. Qi gong and meditation help with that.

    I hate that feeling of it all being soooo overwheming but no one seems to want to help x There's a lot we CAN do for ourselves x


  • hello stepper

    thank you for your message.if it is not a tumour then why has no one suggested another reason to me.the doctors say it is not something but give you no other reason.another question I have is why cant I eat anything?i feel full and can only eat breakfast -I cant do without breakfast and just manage a small meal at midday,then thats it I cant eat anymore,what is placing pressure on my ribs if it not a tumour and the same for the trapped nerve in my back?i had food intolerance testing last year and they said very little about whether or It was food intolerance as I don't eat a lot of anything.


  • yes i understand that, they don't like u saying u've seen in on tv or google.

    i had a lump in my breast, the doc found nothing ! i felt like a fool. xx

  • I showed my gp s the stories on here and on ovacome website which are real life stories.i spoke to someone today from ovacome who said it was unlikely it was a tumour and said to wait until I had gallstones sorted out(it took a visit to as private clinic to get a scan and they discovered gallstones.)I still have my concerns

  • shouldn't feel a fool. they tell you to check these things out with a Dr .it seems to me that some Dr's are too quick to dismiss things .I had a cough for 3 weeks and dr did nothing .i still have the cough now.i asked for a chest xray and dr refused.

  • it is so annoying when the media tells you to go to the docs if you see blood or feel any lumps yet when you go you are made to feel stupid. I spent 2 years telling my doc that something was wrong with me as I kept going dizzy and felt strange he asked me if I was a secret drinker! I eventually paid for my own mri scan on my brain and it turns out I had an abnormality - enough said - if you feel strongly that there is something wrong with you please make every effort to get it investigated.

    Take care x

  • Oh anbuma so you have a diagnosis. Gallstones are very painful. Hopefully it will all sort out with treatment now xxx

  • If you can get a doctor to take you seriously about anything it's a miracle.they have us down for neurotic women ,I have IBS and leaky gut and that's an intro I'm feeling quite poorly at the mo with my stomach probs but I won't go to doctor I just put up with things .I have lots of lumps in my stomach .xx

  • Ahhh I see you have gallstones. Gallstones can cause biliary colic. Not sure if I have spelt that right, this can even cause pain that goes right up to your shoulder blades so this may also include your ribs too. It causes pressure too and I watched my gramps go through hell with the pain of it all. The fact that you do not eat much of anything could also be causing you big problems too. Look at it this way, if you are not putting much food in there then you will have wind. You also need to remember that at times when we swallow we also swallow air too. You eat very little so that when you do eat, no matter how much, you cause a build up of wind in the gut, this can be very painful especially if the wind works its way through the intestines and even causes pain in the back passage. As you say they tell what is it not and if they are saying not a tumour then you should be really happy. If it was a tumour the scans would have picked it up back then. I think you are getting yourself so worried that it is making things worse. Please remember that IBS is part of fibro for so many FMS sufferers. IBS can be very painful in the fact it causes inflammation and the stomach can become very swollen, hard and painful. I speak from experience having suffered with chronic IBS for well over 20 years now. As someone has already said if you are stressed then the little glands will come up. I had mine checked years ago as it does give you a shock when you see or feel all these little lumps. But I just get on with it now, it is nothing to worry about and you should put the tumour idea out of your head hunni. You are going to drive yourself insane. I think I have said before that not all doctors appreciate it if we go in armed with info from sites, articles and tv, some would see it as you are trying to tell them how to do their jobs, other GPs would be grateful of the input, just not all. I know from years ago with my gramps that if you have pain for more than 8 hours with gallstones you should seek medical help there and then. Maybe you could do that, follow the NHS advice and call someone at that time. I do not know of any other advice I can offer to make you feel better and as you cansee we are all trying to help you. Stay safe XXXXX

  • thank you so much -everyone's help is greatly appreciated and your reply makes me feel a whole lot better and more relieved it isn't more serious.i don't know how long I have had gallstones but its a year since I had the scans etc and if my doctor hadn't refused to do another the gallstones could have been detected sooner.it did take a different doctor to investigate angina which turned out to be the gallstones and im sure this doctor would have done further investigation when angina was disproved.i have had IBS many years ago and it was nothing like what I have now.one question why don't doctors explain these things-I usually come out of seeing a dr with more questions than when i go in.

  • What I have noticed with two out of three of our doctors is this. My own GP explains everything to me, right down to drawing diagrams. He did that too when I was diagnosed with a very bad Hiatus Hernia, which can feel like a heart attack when it kicks off. Knwoing it was nothing serious helped me to deal with it. But the other two doctors seem to be of the impression that 'if you do not ask them to explain then you already understand'. So hunni if you do not understand something, ask them before you leave. If you do not get an answer, pop into your chemist and ask for a word with the pharmacist, they are pretty well clued up on 99.9% of stuff. I am so happy that I have made you feel a little better about it all, I hate to see people going through hell and you must feel that way at times. We are all here to help so never feel you cannot blog and ask us pur opinion XXXXX

  • thanks Ozzygirl64.

    in my practice there are 3 or 4 permanent dr s and others that are there short term.my Dr is the best in the practice but sometimes have to wait 2-3 weeks to get an appt with him as everyone wants to see him which I think is all wrong. people should be made to stay with the dr they have actually registered with. there is a very good junior dr there and he is very good and he listens and explains things in detail so I have seen him a few times.i just want something done about my stomach as it is so huge I cannot live with it.

  • .The gut can become very hard and painful if it fills with air and if nothing else if this is the case then you need meds to deal with it. If you find the junior doctor better then see him as he sounds more responsive to your plight. It is the same with our practice, my GP is my main one and it is really hard to get an appointment with him. But unless it is an ongoing health problem I am happy to see others. I wish you well hunni xxxxx

  • thanks Ozzygirl64.no GP has ever said that to me.it has been its not ovarian cyst or cancer end of story.i have asked my DR a few months ago to get something done about it but I he didn't take me seriously.when I had bruising around my eyes from nasal infection his answer was "wear make up".

  • even if I don't have an ovarian cyst/cancer could still have a tumour??does anyone else have /has had painful protruding ribs and a trapped nerve (caused by a tumour??)know what these lumps are -told different things

  • Hi Anbuma,

    I agree with many of the comment, you can frighten yourself silly. I have stopped searching for answers.

    I have had IBS since I was a child now 49, the pain you get with it is unbearable at times. It can cause so many different symptoms. Don't ask your GP, Tell him in a nice way that you want to see a specialist about your problem, tell him how it is affecting you mentally as well as physically. You have to get answers to sort the problem. It could be just something so simple as diet, and it can change your whole life. Say you want to manage what ever it is so you can start feeling well. Be strong, positive and firm, without loosing it.

    I hope today is a better day for you,

    your friend.

  • thank you for your comments and advice.will take heed.

  • I have a large painful lump under my left breast which is painful some are some are not I wastold it lipoma (fatty tissue lumps) which can appear in fibro ask dDr if it could be that xx

  • Some docotrs have a w onderful bedside manner hunni, others it leaves a lot to be desired. I can see your plight as I am sure many of the members on here do too. Some doctors do not like to 'waste money' on finding a cause. They are stalwarts of saving the NHS money and very often we pay the price. I would like to make a suggestion if I can but you do not have to try it. There are a couple of herbal teas that are really good for reducing bloating and wind and I always have them in the house, I would never be without them. You could try ginger tea or camomile but the one I find works well is peppermint tea. I drink about 4 cups a day when the bloating begins but they say most often 2 or 3 is all that is needed. Also clove tea is very good for reducing the spasms in the stomach too. Keep in touch hunni and let us know hwo things are going for you XXXXX

  • has anyone tried green tea and

    if so does it help?

  • Hi guys

    haven't been here for some time.i am still waiting for my appts to come thru for gallbladder op and for ENT. I still have cough from sept last year and my stomach has got even bigger and harder around the navel.still think this is somethign more than just gallstones.i have lost some weight in my arms legs and buttocks and back but this is counterbalanced by increase in abdomen.i have heeded advice from other bloggers and bought some peppermint oil capsules .I think they might be helping.


  • Are you seeing a gastroenterologist? If not, it sounds like you should be. If you haven't had IBS symptoms for years, don't assume that it's IBS without getting tested again, and that requires a GI referral.

    Sorry if you've mentioned this above, I couldn't see it, but that doesn't mean a lot right now!

  • I am going to phone hospital tomorrow to find out why I haven't had my appointments come thru

  • Hello LindsayMid

    I don't think I've had contact from you before now.

    I have been back and forth to my DR over the last year and half from when abdominal probs started and each time dr's kept saying they couldn't feel anything etc they said cos all scans were normal I didn't have a cyst or tumour and did not investigate anything else(ie gallstones -could have been discovered earlier ) yet would not tell me what my symptoms were.in the meantime my stomach is getting bigger all the time.

    not seeing gastroenterologist at the moment -my DR hadn't referred me because my scan results(I had scans and cameras up and down over a year ago and he wouldn't do any more scans when I asked ) etc kept coming back negative. i went to a private clinic in February and it was there they did an ultrasound scan which showed gallstones. i know I don't have IBS.it was only when I showed them the ultrasound report that I got a referral,


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