another wasted visit?

so I saw my dr again today to discuss the results of private ultrasound scan which showed gallstones.after going thru all my medical history from nov 2011 and asking me what symptoms I had and me telling him symptoms etc I had ,he said they don't remove gallstones unless they are causing symptoms.this is coming from dr who thought I could have had angina.being gallstones have similar symptoms to angina then that should be enough

to warrant the operation.i came home in tears.when is someone going to take me seriously -when its too late?i am now definitely at my wits end.

my dogs sense I have something not right and I know my body.i could barely walk them the other day what does everyone think .can I ask your advice.the only people who have belief in me are my friends on here.not even my family believe me.

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  • I really feel for you as I said before I and my OH both had our gallbladders removed , mine was treated as an emergency with the ambulance and op, my OH had symptoms which sound like yours with the terrible chest pain then being sick then being fine... Because he was fine after each attack he had to wait longer but as soon as the scan showed gallstones and he had the pains he was put on the list for surgery, so I can't understand why you aren't being given the option .... Can you change to a different surgery.... Did the private GP not recommend gallbladder op

    Hugs VG x

  • was thinking tonight I should have called 999 2 days ago when i was in agony and that I should go back and demand I want them out.he thought before I had angina which proved not to be and therefore should he not have realized that gallstones cause similar pains

  • Well no one here will doubt you, that's for sure. Can you ask for a second opinion? Was it the private doctor you saw or your own doctor following the private scan. They can get sniffy about the whole private vs nhs thing. Or could you visit another doctor in the practice. Don't give up - like you say you know your own body and you are in pain. Can you take someone with you next time you go. Obviously there are symptoms otherwise you wouldn't have had the scan - doctors can be so silly. Be strong, be an advocate for your own health. If it was one of your dogs that was ill you would fight for them, I can just tell how much you think of them. So get fired up (obviously not in an aggressive, angry way) and fight for yourself in the same way. You deserve it. You deserve to be listened to. Don't give up. I have realised that I am so much more assertive when it comes to doctors and my little girls yet I don't do the same for myself! I am trying to change that. Doctors don't live our lives, they need to listen.

  • thank you melodypond I was thinking tonight I will go back and see him and say I want them out.i took one of my dogs to vets today -he has arthritis-and has been apprehensive about coming downstairs and find sit difficult to climb down from the windowsill onto a chair-the vet said the arthritis ahs spread to his spine.

  • Oh grief! I read your post and your anguish came pouring through. I'm so very sorry. I can understand when you feel so isolated and hurt. I think you have to continue your fight and get a second opinion. You know what, I think you ought to call for medical help when you have another bout that has you in agony. I will be thinking of you and am sending you warmest thoughts and a big old friendly bear hug. S x

  • Ithanks summerelite

    ,each time I come back from drs I ask myself "is it in my imagination?"then I feel the lumps etc in my abdomen and no it is something.i just wish I had called 999

    on tuesday when I was in so much pain .i have been to A&E in the past to no avail.why don't drs accept what you tell them? so many times i have said any weight gain is all abdominal -it doesn't register??

  • Oh you poor love. It must be so frustrating for you.

    Surely if the private scan shows gallstones then an op is needed. Your doctor should now be referring you on to a specialist who will be the one who is qualified to say if you need an operation, not a GP.

    Take a look at the advise Linz set out about being refused a referral, it may help.


    Big hugs Karen xxxx

  • Hi gallstones :( both my eldest doughter an my husband has them , we wear told the same with my daghter she was in an out of A&E for years till i just whent in her GP an said she wints them out so if u dont refer her ill report u to the medical counsel . He did it she had them out 6 mounth later she said oow mom the relife . I bet to watch her in so much agony when she had them was dredfull . My husband had a small heart atack just a worning they said hed bin being treated for anginer for 5 years so .they kept him in fof 2 days told us all the life stile changes , he keeps quite fit an healthy for his age 60 but u do as your told was let out les than 24 hours he was in agony i thought this is it wear going to lose him ambules blue light the lot he held my hand so tight ill never forget that night ,thear faces mine his !

    But somthing wasent right i just fellt it they said no its his heart look the moniter sez , but the drugs wernt working not looking good then somthing just poped into my head about my daughter . & yes u gest it was his gallbladder not his heart , his heart was up because of the pain witch was confusing them . They did a scan hed got septic somthing literally they had gon bad they pushed antibioticsin asap then they got him down theatre go them out an no angina no heart problems 5 years hed bean on betablokers an anginer spray an all along it was his gallblader .

    So the morell is u know your body try an b strong go c your GP an say i wont them out cus they r only human an get i wring some times like we all do . atleast get on the list aparently it's 18 mounths long atleast now . So pleas try againe an good look i realy mean that xxx

  • I was 21 when I had my gallbladder out.My GP said it was jaundice because of hepatitis because he thought I was too young.In the end I stood over him at his desk and demanded that he referred me to the hospital.I was admitted that afternoon and ended up having major surgery on Christmas eve 1986!

  • thank you Kugagirl

  • Hi Anbuma I'm so sorry that your Dr is being an asse now on top of that your doggy isn't well as if you didn't have enough to cope with, I do hope you get your galstones sorted out soon, a friend of mine is having a problem with them aswell she's 42 and her Dr is on the ball and got them sorted for her last year I know she was in a lot of pain with them , I truly hope you get the help you need and feel better soon and I hope your dog feels better soon as well, big gentle hugs for yourself and your dog as he/she is a part of your family too. Sithy

  • Hi me again why is it that drs don't listen you know your body,I remember my mum telling me about a time she took me to the drs when I was little, she told the Dr that she thought I had chicken pox as I was covered in spots just like chickenpox spots and my older brother had just had them , he turned round and said to her “are you a Dr” she said “no but I've got eyes and they both work perfectly”, he didn't like my mum because she wasn't intimidated by him, he was the same twit that bent 3 needles trying to give my brother his measles inoculations, I guess what I'm trying to say is try not to let him get to you or intimidated you, I know its easy for me to say all this I'm not you I'm not there going through this, but we all are here for you. Good luck is all I can say and great big gentle hugs. Sithy

  • thank you Sithy

    Its not only the drs,my family say you've seen 4 drs and had scans .cameras etc and they all say normal.the dr never called me back today so I assume he didnt get the message,teh receptionist left another message and in the meantime I have an appt with my dr on Friday.bti apprehensive as I want to ask fro a referral to remove gallstones and hope that at the same time they will confirm my swollen abdomen is a cyst/tumour.i rather hope it isn't btu know my body and it is something and its about time someone listened to me,my dog is fine see how the meds go for him.(he is 11) him and my other dog sense somethings amiss and she is so loving she cuddles up close to me.let you know how it goes.

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