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DLA80 REVIEW FORM.I have had a medical about 14months ago and just received a Dla review form I have severe epilepsy, depression,glucoma etc

Can you tell me why I got this for I have a indefinate payment of the higher rate, is it to do with PIP the new change over.Is there a reason why they check up so much. Is this a reason

Will they look at my form update it and thats it.

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It seems they are quickly reassessing many people before the change over to get them sorted before the changeover.. I was due a reveiw June I get my form feb saying please fill in and return ASAP as did my son I filled in both and within 2 weeks got the answer back no change in dla .. But both moved up to indefinite so we won't be reassed until October 2015...

I am not quite sure why you got yours if you were on indefinite but I think it's to get all the existing people reassed so they will be sorted then all the new claimants will be reassed by pip... I would just fill it in ASAP to get it in before April 8th

VG xx


Thanks very much very your answer that helps a lot

I will post it in the coming weeks Monday its ready to post I will post in letter box now get it done


I am not as up on all this as some are but what VG says is pretty much as it is because of the PIP i think it is just to check everything before changing over , which makes more upset and fuss really as anyone who is granted in 1st place should just get a letter saying its changed to PIP but no need to do anything its just for information, instead its causing like yourself to question it and will this mean to do more assesments etc

If you have been asked to fill something in then i would recomend doing it or just phone up and ask why you have the form and can it not automatically change as they know your circumstances and this means more stress for yourself xxxxxxxx

caroline xxxx


HI WENDYJOY, i have been a member of this site for a while but i dont have any confidence realy to write blogs but i enjoy reading on a daily basis all the information the site provides i have mutipal health problems and im 63 yrs old. But i felt the urge to reply to yourself because i enjoy reading your very interesting and informative blogs, you are straight to the point and i like that i did enjoy your blog last week about the transision from dla to pip. Keep it going gal. thank you from scottydog ~~~


ive received a dla form through the letter with it says here is the form I requested due to changes in circumstances I did not request a form ?? but my dla review is due in November .


If you fill it in quick and get it back before April 8th you will hopefully get dla indefinitely with reveiw in October 2015 if you leave it till after you will be assesed by PIP when it runs out in November.. It just depends what you want to do.... My review was due June I got the forms feb and told to fill the form in and return ASAP I did and have the same rate but now indefinitely instead of yearly review... And looking at the new guidelines those who are awarded before April 8th this year will not be reassessed until October 2015 unless you inform them our condition has changed...

Hope that helps you decide what to do

VG x


Wendy can we be good friends me and you


I would love that Wendy your good looking by the way you have such a cute face very nice xx mine is

love David xx


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